Three Imaginary Girls Recommend: Sasquatch, Sasquatch, and Sasquatch!

A crowd awaits at the 2006 Sasquatch Music Festival
photo by Gregory A. Perez

Sasquatch has grown to be more than a festival that folks in the Pacific Northwest countdown to, it is now on par with Coachella, and dare we way, T in the Park. With heavy hitters like Bjork and Beastie Boys trekking all the way to our fair part of the world, it is a festival force to be reckoned with.

Unlike Bumbershoot, thankfully the stages are all in close proximity and lines to see the stage aren’t such a huge issue. With this in mind, we’ve got a few picks for this year’s ‘squatch:

Saturday, May 26
The Long Winters – John Roderick and co are late additions to the line-up filling in for M.I.A who, all name-related puns aside, pissed off someone at the Visa counter and couldn’t make it stateside in time for the show. The idea of seeing The Long Winters on the big stage with the grandiose mountainous backdrop is going to be something that folks are going to Flickr for weeks after the festival.

The Thermals – It is no surprise that we’d recommend that you see the Thermals any chance you get. The quartet is going to make a lot of new friends with their candid messages and infectious punk guitar chords. They’ve earned their Subpop stripes over their three-album career with some of igLiz’s songs (there are about 25 Thermals songs on her favorites list). Live, the band is relentless and even the most prissy puss gets a little sweaty.

Sunday, May 27
Clinic – Most folks might know Clinic as the band who wears surgical masks and hospital garb on stage (it certainly prevents one from being caught with broccoli in their teeth) – but, more than that, they are igLiz’s favorite Liverpudlian band. Like the Thermals, they’ve recently released their third album (Visitations) and also like the Thermals (it always comes back to the Thermals doesn’t it?) they are also in the school of relentless indie-rock. Clinic have awkward-boy vocals over unyielding bass guitar and nervous keyboards. It sounds menacing, but actually it’s quite tasty.

Smoosh – Indie rockers pride themselves on being able to say “I knew {insert band name here} when they were playing {insert name of small venue here}. Now that the Smoosh sisters have entered their teens, we find ourselves saying “We knew Smoosh when Chloe was just 9 years old and we have an interview to prove it!” Regardless of who-knew-who-first, Smoosh continues to play their fun pop into their teens. Rumor has it they’ve been playing some songs with their littlest sister on bass. Hopefully we can meet her at Sasquatch!

Yippee for three day weekends!
three imaginary girls

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  1. Joselito
    Posted May 25, 2007 at 11:24 am | Permalink

    Yeah, I’d like to see Clinic too. Unfortunately, they’ve cancelled.

  2. Posted May 25, 2007 at 2:43 pm | Permalink

    What? That’s so sad! Although it does make me feel a little bit better since I am not able to head there this weekend. That will hopefully mean that Clinic will play Seattle extremely soon.

  3. Jennifer
    Posted May 25, 2007 at 9:55 pm | Permalink

    I wish the thermals were going to be there, but i believe they cancelled as well

  4. dyrkness
    Posted May 26, 2007 at 10:51 am | Permalink

    Smoosh isn’t playing with their “littlest” sister, only their “littler” sister ,Maia(on Bass).There IS a littlest sister, but she’s REALLY too little to be in the band,yet.

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