Behind the KEXP Curtain with Ken Frye

photo by Misha Burstein

My name is Ken Frye and I am a volunteer at KEXP. After a much long absence from the KEXP gang, who I have had in my heart ever since the days of KCMU, I have returned to radio to enhance my skills in music production. I just recently came back to work for the radio station to assist in tracking logs and writing music reviews. My involvement at KEXP came from the support of Christina Davidson and Misha Burstein, my KEXP job coaches who through Provail, an assisted living program have guided me back into the world of broadcast professionalism with support and encouragement like no other. Rachel, Cyrus, and Leslie have also been instrumental in creating a new working environment for me at KEXP. They have provided the best working conditions from which I been able to review the latest bands that will go into KEXP radio rotation.

When KEXP was KCMU, we were housed on the university of Washington campus in uncomfortably small hole in the wall building that was difficult for me to maneuver around in because of my cerebral palsy. It was a challenge to drive around in that space with my wheel chair. In fact, there was a time when the elevator broke down and the volunteers there had to carry me up and down the 3 flights of stairs right at the end of my shift! The new KEXP building is way more accessible and I even have my own office space where I can park my chair.

Now, I am not just your average Joe working at KEXP. I have been involved in radio for 30 plus years, serving as both a DJ and a radio producer for LIVE 95 and KARE 107.3. I have been living and working in my own radio station since 1997 where I have been a broadcaster of news, weather, and music for the local community. Since then I have also worked as a DJ within the greater Seattle area. My work consists of playing set lists from modern and contemporary recording artists that are just underneath the radar screens. My radio work has always been backed by the philosophical idea that the amalgamation of diversity and the inclusion of all artists need to exist in a culture for there to be a true concept of equality and freedom. For me, KEXP is a bridge to that dream of equality and diverse musical freedom.

I look forward to the KEXP pledge drive!!!

Make sure to read the latest blog entries throughout the upcoming week!!!

Ken Frye

Ken Frye will be reporting from the inside of KEXP during the Pledge Drive and beyond. Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Cheryl Green
    Posted June 4, 2007 at 9:41 am | Permalink

    Ken, I have always had faith in your success. Keep on working! I miss you and all the folks at PROVAIL.

  2. Christina
    Posted June 5, 2007 at 9:06 pm | Permalink

    Rock on Ken! I’m so happy to see all of your hard work pay off! Thanks for sharing your passion with me and all the faithful KEXP listeners. Take care and keep rockin and rollin!

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    Behind the KEXP Curtain with Ken Frye

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