Pledge Drive Update: DJ Riz pulls though literally shaky start

Hi, Leesa Schandel here, Director of Development. We’ve been hard at work this week, preparing for the 2007 KEXP Summer Pledge Drive. There has been a tremendous outpouring of support from our listeners, which has been extremely encouraging to all of the station’s staff. The other night, DJ Riz was pleasantly surprised to hear that his listeners came out to support him with several gifts on the night before the pledge drive started – a night that he categorized as the worst one he’s ever had in his career on the radio. Folks love him and want him to know that they support him, especially when Murphy’s Law strikes.

ok ..
i think y’all are gonna love this one..
last night was hands down .. THE WORST NIGHT I’VE EVER HAD ON THE RADIO !..

and i’m not kidding.. i was hungry .. i was kinda tired after hanging out all day in the sun with friends.. ( i know the dj life is tough..) and i have lost my debit card .. so i couldn’t order any food.. and i’m starving.. no money.. and i don’t even think about eatin somebody else food up in here. i’ll just have to depend on my reserves knowhahmsayin (like my lovely lady lumps ..or something like that.) but i hung ttuff enuff until just before 11 when it felt like the building was about to collapse . cheryl, that roadwork that sidelined you yesterday ?.. well it started again last night.. i mean 11 at night and they’re out there with they big man toys and lights and stuff and they’ve got a like 7pointwhatthehellever on the richter scale and two cd stacks i got sittin on my right begin to topple onto the floor.. so i’m picking them up and then the cd skipping started like.. right on the air!.. mind you i was mixing two cd’s together so at first it wasn’t so noticeable..but shortly i’m thinking ‘will this song ever end ?’.( it was that new cd in heavy rotation by ‘the field’ .. and them songs is long anydangways..).and i look over and i hear the skip ever so slightly and then i notice that the cd started like the middle of the song.. and then i notice the other cd skipping.. and i play a psa over it because i got it like that.. and then the song is over.. and i play something else..and BAM..the buiding shakes.. and the song … just … stops.. dead air.. in fact the cd’s in cue.. just … stop.. so there are no buttons to push.. and i’m am so TOTALLY FREAKING OUT… by myself in booth.. ..and i’m rushing to put something on.. and i’m pushing buttons and tryna reset something ..anything..and some song starts playing and luckily i remember that i grabbed some records to mix with later so maybe i can play them and then BAM.. shakes..skips..stops.. dead air..RIGHT..? so! i get on and stumble through something about the situation.. and i’m kinda laugh/talking at the same time. and i know i’m like incredulity personified… and i announce that i’m going to a vinyl only format.. because..i knew records wouldn’t skip.. don’t know how i know this, i just know.. so i put on a record and the building is shaking.. and i mean like thundering shaking.. but the record sounds fine .. at least as far as i can tell..
so i run to the records library.. because i’m going to play vinyl.. and dj’s.. you know that nightmare you’ve all had where you know you want to play something and can’t find it? and you know a record’s about to end but you still can’t find nothing? last night ..IT CAME TRUE… it was like like a twilight zone episode.. except it was really HAPPENING.. i’ve got the hall speaker blasting so i can hear if the record goes belly up or ends.. but meanwhile i haven’t the slightest idea what the hell i’m going to play.. or how many records to grab..( and by the way.. somebody has appropriated just about all our rap hip hop section.. it’s been a long while since i’ve been in that area.. but it’s pretty pitiful.. i hope whoever got em..really gets a lot of use from em..but anydangways..) or where.. i’m thinking i’ll play some kraftwerk..they’ve got a couple of long songs.. so i go to the rock library for kraftwerk.. and there’s nothing there.. and i ! go to t he rap/hip//three records of electronica section..and there’s nothing there.. and i hear the record on nearing its end.. and it’s that friggin nightmare.. really happening! and then i go to the experimental section.. i bet you young whippersappers didn’t even know we have an experimental section.. but we do .. and there they are!.. kraftwerk in experimental… and i run back in the booth just as a song is about to end and i slap on autobahn.. because i know it’s long.. and i’m just trying to buy some time.. and by the way all the while time is just passing.. i’ve got spots to air.. and i manage to air em.. don’t know how but i did….and the light on the telephone is blinking… and all the records i’ve managed to grab are the entire kraftwerk section.. the entire english beat collection ( don’t ask me how or why…) and sgt peppers lonely hearts club band…because hey it’s my nightmare and that’s how it goes…
ANYdangways… i limp along for what seems like an eternity.. oh .. during this time i call jack.. because really when you want an answer to any question about any kexp anything.. jack IS the first person you call..RIGHT?.. for real.. except last night .. jack was nowhere in sight..i shudder to type that sentence ..but when you can’t reach jack… well you figured you’ve died and gone straight to heck.. ( and by the way.. jack called later .. things had finally calmed down but it was swell just to have an insider to whine to .. but later on it happened again with the shaking and skipping.. last night.. again on troy’s show at about 1:30am and troy called jack.. and jack got outta bed and came down and solved the problem because that’s what jack does.. and he is just like kexp GOD ! … you better recognize )
ANYdangways.. in the midst of this. i get an e-mail from a guy..who says he was listening when all that stuff started and he was impressed enough as a listener that he decided that he had to pledge right then and there.. in the midst of the worst night i’ve EVER had on air.. this guy totally gets the whole kexp phenomenon and is moved to make a pledge..
so like i said at the beginning of this whole long thing..
or rather like leesa said..
love – or something very much like it,

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  1. Posted June 2, 2007 at 12:21 pm | Permalink

    That is hilarious. Never underestimate the power of “going down with the ship” — we all love the guy who keeps plugging away against the odds.

    Here’s to hoping the construction is almost done!

  2. Posted June 2, 2007 at 12:21 pm | Permalink

    i had no idea you guys had a blog. nice work.

    just added you to the blogroll.

  3. Posted June 4, 2007 at 9:19 am | Permalink

    Holy crap, Riz. That sounds like a truly awful night, and I’m very sorry it happened, but damn if it didn’t make for some hilarious reading. Aren’t you happy to know your traumatic, harrowing evening can bring tears of laughter to my eyes as I sit here at work on a Monday morning? Cold comfort, I know, but it’s something.

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