Pledge Drive Update: Positive Vibes = Postive Supporters

Positive Vibes bumbersticker

Yesterday was crazy! (My day happened to start at 6:35 AM with the next door neighbor DEMOLISHING HIS HOUSE…there oughta be a law!) It’s so fun to start the drive with a busy day – it may have been the quickest 9 hours of my life.

Kid Hops was offering a Positive Vibrations bumper sticker to every person who made a gift or pledge during his show. And the phones were ringing off the hook. He and his co-host, John Richards, were on fire! In the last hour alone, 101 people made gifts and pledges. There were 11 of us in the pledge room answering phones, and one person adding the gifts into the computer. We were frantically answering phones and flipping cards and typing and adding numbers…IN OUR HEADS…on a Saturday morning! It was proof positive of the power of reggae.

We were a half an hour into Quilty’s show before we could calculate the gifts that listeners had given during Kid Hops’ show. We weren’t surprised, after everything was tabulated, when we found that Positive Vibes had 200 friends and supporters who’d called in with $21,450 in gifts to honor the great music that he plays each week. It was amazing…and let me say, even people who gave hundreds of dollars were most interested in getting the bumper stickers…it’s like we were giving away free beef or something!

Lisa Wood and Quilty 3000 came on the air, and they were sassy-ass ladies! It was girl power, girl power, girl power. Quilty is typically pretty low-key on her show, so listeners may not know that she’s an extrovert with a magnetizing vivaciousness. I really love that her dedicated listeners get a glimpse at her off-air self during the drive. My favorite part of Quilty’s show was when both she and Lisa screamed out, in unison and completely spontaneously, “Only $700 to go!” It sounded just like my 3rd grade slumber party when an entire rec room full of 10-year old girls screeched in unison, “John Travolta!” – But I wont go into that.

The volunteers on this show were from WolfGang, Seattle Symphony’s club for people in their 20s or 30s who share a passion for classical music. They love music and know the shows on KEXP and realize the importance of of the arts to our culture. We all love music – maybe different music (like I’m not super high on symphonic music… I’m a chamber music gal, myself) – but we all love music and hope to be of service to help others discover meaningful music. And by the end of the 3-hour shift, Wolfgang Daniella and I are tearing up together, talking about the importance of being thankful, giving each other a parting hug.

Quilty and Lisa had their best day ever, too – over $9,000! It was fun to see them afterward, being giddy and girlie and sassy. I swear they were this close to braiding each other’s hair as they kicked back in the Music Library after the show, nibbling on dark chocolate squares.

Then a whole new set of volunteers came in. Familiar faces sprinkled with new friends. And of course, two new DJs… two of my favorite people around here… Jack Walters and DJ Rachel. Yeah, they’re both DJs. But, so so so much more! They both have SUPER important jobs here at the station. They are unsung heroes, to be sure.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Jack was summed up two days ago in Riz’s blog post. EXCEPT that Jack is also the guy who takes coffee orders every morning from all the other staff who happen to be here before 9am. He lets me walk over to the local national coffee chain with him to gather the caffeine for the KEXP troops. It’s one of my favorite morning rituals, even though I’ve already had my coffee and I’m along for the ride to pick up a scone or something.

DJ Rachel does EVERYTHING having to do with our 1000+ volunteers and interns. You name it, she does it. I don’t even know a tenth of what she does, but I’m always grateful come pledge week when everyone shows up when they should to answer phones and type numbers into computers, and I have a bunch of new friends to meet. PLUS, she organizes a bunch of KEXP events and goes to grad school and has her own show at some ungodly hour of the morning, once a week.

So Jack and Rachel do their own show and people send in the love, and send in the love, and send in the love – and Jack’s show is right on target because of his faithful listeners, too! HOLY CRIPES! What a great day! And I leave the station after doing a few dishes, wearing a happy fuzzy glow, with Audioasis blasting in my car, toward home.

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    Leesa, I know I’m not just speaking on behalf of myself, but the whole WolfGang crew in that it was an honor and super fun to volunteer at the pledge drive. One of WolfGang’s goals is to be engaged and give back to our community. As KEXP supports us, we want to give back some of that love. Thanks for your dedication to all music.

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