Today in Music: Hump Day = Pledge Day

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Just looking at the Summer Pledge Drive stats

While we’re doing really well so far, thanks to all of you who have supported KEXP, we’re still under 50% of our target. The weekend was kickin’, but you know how Mondays are — and don’t get me started about Tuesdays! But now that it’s Wednesday, it’s time to get our heads on straight, you know, just like at work, and set our minds to accomplishing our goal. Remember, this is a “hit-it-or-quit-it” drive, which means, the sooner we hit the goal, the sooner we can end the drive.

But how important is this drive to us? Member support fuels a large majority of our operations and without it we would not be able to continue. Also, with new technologies that KEXP is implementing and expanding upon, like our podcasts, which now come out daily, we need your help even more. I mean, look at the last week of Song of the Day Podcasts:

Dappled Cities – Beach Song (MP3)
Cloud Cult – Pretty Voice
Modest Mouse – Invisible
Battles – Atlas
The Avett Brothers – Shame
Parts And Labor – The Gold We’re Digging

plus, you won’t hear this anywhere else:

Rufus Wainwright – Going to a Town [live @ KEXP] (MP3)

and we were the first ones to get this one legally:

Spoon – The Ghost of You Lingers (MP3)

That’s right, these are all free, legal downloads — not only are they financially free, but they’re guilt free to boot! No RIAA knocking on your door. No worrying about cheating your favorite artists. We did all the legal legwork, thanks to your support, to bring you this great music. Believe me, your hard-earned scratch can help make this possible.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. KEXP’s Summer Pledge Drive has been getting a ton of support from a host of independent bloggers:

  • Rock Sellout has been very generous to us, and it’s great to know that the feeling is mutual. Kip and the crew’s informative blog keeps us in the know with regular updates, and with posts about Pela and Shout Out Louds, how could we not see the ‘Sellouts as brethren? Here’s a vid on the blog that cracked me up, a bunch of old folks (The Zimmers) singing The Who:
  • KEXP’s reach thankfully extends to Texas, where for instance we’re sponsoring a residency in Austin, and we have supportive fans in the Lone Star State, like Yellow Turtle, a “Pure Texan Beer Drinker,” who does a convincing job pleading our case. Here’s Yellow Turtle’s favorite video ever, for Clap Your Hand Say Yeah‘s “Is This Love?”
  • It warms our hearts that fellow Texans Sonic Itch Sounds Music give love to KEXP, and I’ve got to say that Austinites are incredibly generous considering the wealth of great music and music resources in that city, including their own station, KUT, and the excellent Austin City Limits. As Sonic Itch Music points out, KEXP has been fortunate to support great Austin bands like “Spoon,Trail of Dead, Ghostland Observatory, Black Angels, Peel, just to name a few.” Posted on their blog is this video of Cincinnati’s Heartless Bastards, who will be playing the upcoming ACL Fest:
  • Stephen at The City Gets Lonely gives KEXP props for our “no payola” policy. There’s a wide range of posts on Steven’s entertaining blog. Here’s a great clip of Smashing Pumpkins playing in Paris last month:
  • Also, we like to say thanks to designer T White Design for the props — you’ve got to check out his design for Willie Nelson — and to One Handbasket Going Down (aka photographer Melissa Colombo of Moussaka Design) who’s been streaming KEXP in Virginia since 2005.
  • We recognize that musical tastes vary, and you’ll hear it directly from the DJs that not everything they play will be to everyone’s taste. We encourage conversation and debate, as you’ll find in this Seattlest Roundtable titled “Do You Pledge to KEXP?” But if you do value independent radio, not run by corporations but by people who really care about music and want to know what you want to hear, then please support KEXP. And don’t forget to tell ‘em the KEXP Blog sent ya.
  • Tomorrow, I’ll post some new videos for you, but here’s latest video, brand spanking new, Arctic Monkeys‘ “Fluorescent Adolescent”:

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    1. Posted June 7, 2007 at 9:02 am | Permalink

      Ahhhh you guys rock, glad to see we all got the Pela connection of love. thanks for supporting us. we love KEXP!!

    2. Posted June 9, 2007 at 11:46 am | Permalink

      thanks for the nod, but it is sonic itch music, not sonic itch sound. easy mistake, with your local guy being sound on the sound.
      KEXP is the best!! Keep up the good work.

    3. Posted June 10, 2007 at 3:10 pm | Permalink

      My apologies, Sonic Itch Music!

      Everyone else, check them out for lots of great music news and mp3’s.

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