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kexp tiger teeHere at the station, we’re getting things back to normal after our Summer Membership Drive. John and Cheryl have recovered and are back in force, while Kevin’s currently convalescing. Our Membership department is gearing up for phase 2: packaging those great pledge premiums, like the kid’s Rocking Tiger Tee and the Live at KEXP, Vol. 3 CD. Those things don’t pack themselves, you know!

Everybody else is getting back to the music, and here at the KEXP Blog we’re getting back to the music news. Let’s see what the blogs are talking about today:

  • Everybody seems to have reported this already, but if you haven’t heard: Cat Power has won the Shortlist Music Award. Chan Marshall, who beat out Tom Waits, Regina Spektor, Beirut, Band of Horses, and Joanna Newsom, among others, can now claim the honor of being the first woman to win the award in the five years of its existence. Can’t figure out why the Shortlist Music Award is so important? While it’s obviously no Pulitzer, the list of nominees are a veritable who’s who of major independent artists, based on the decision of Creative Director Greg Spotts to “stay close to the cutting edge.” To rise among these other artists is a privilege, especially considering that the judging “Listmakers” consist of music journalists and other musicians including former award winner Sufjan Stevens, KT Tunstall, and members of Franz Ferdinand, Panic at the Disco, Snow Patrol, and The Flaming Lips.
  • Radiohead fans are buzzing with news that the band’s next album is nearly finished. According to The Tripwire, guitarist Ed O’Brien posted on the band’s Dead Air Space blog, saying that “we’ve been working on this album for a while …… BUT WE ARE NEARLY THERE…..”
  • Jack and Meg USBJack White and The White Stripes have been in the news continually, thanks to their soon-to-be-released Icky Thump, and the controversy about its early broadcast. But that’s not what the blogosphere is gibbering about right now. No, everybody can’t seem to get enough of these: Icky Thump thumb drives. These creepy, 512 MB capacity USB drives, which come loaded with a lossless version of the album, can be all your yours for $57.50 each, or $99 for the pair. Keep in mind, there’s a maximum order of 2, just in case you were looking to back up your hard drive.
  • By the way, if you’re looking for a legal listen of Icky Thump, you can stream it here.

  • According to Dizzee Rascal, you won’t be seeing him in the U.S. any time soon. The marble-mouthed grime rapper claims that Americans just don’t understand him, his lyrics that is. Contact Music reports the 21-year-old Londoner as saying, “The more I’ve been to America, the more I realize it’s a different planet. It’s more about the dollar, cars and women. In Britain it’s not,” adding “Basically, they don’t understand a word I am saying.” Based on this new song, “Excuse Me Please,” which he performed on Jools Holland, Americans aren’t the only ones who don’t understand what’s other people are thinking. Dizzee, we’re a lot like you, man!
  • Producer Mark Ronson, whose sophomore album Version hit the stores yesterday in the U.S., has been called out for not understanding The Smiths on his R&B reinterpretation of “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before,” which he shortens to just “Stop Me.” On his blog, Ronson replies to a disgruntled Smiths fan and actually manages to convince him to consider picking up the 7″ (read the reply by “gaz”). Here’s a new video for “Stop Me” for you to consider for yourself:
  • Fans of Animal Collective have been holding their breath in anticipation of Strawberry Jam, the follow up to their adventurous and lauded album Feels. Obscure Sound just couldn’t wait any longer, so they’ve made available two songs from the new album. If you haven’t understood what the fuss is all about, check out “Peacebone”:
  • Animal Collective – Peacebone (MP3)

  • I’ll leave with this one to figure out, a psychedelic video of “Bros” by Animal Collective member Panda Bear:
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