Today in Music: A Video Extravaganza!

There is a voice that sometimes goes out
Morrissey at the Rabobank Theatre 7/10/07
photo by Renee Barrera

If you had told me even five years ago that I’d be watching as many videos on my computer as I do now, I would have scoffed, but, hoo-boy, are there a lot a new videos out this week — so many to watch while at work! A bunch of them are even from albums that haven’t been released yet, but I’ll get to those later. First, here are a few headlines:

Don’t make fun of Morrissey‘s voice. As he told the crowd during his shortened show in Boston, “Unfortunately, it will not just be the emotions cracking tonight, but my voice as well.” Due to strained vocal cords, Moz left the stage and, under doctor’s orders, canceled (or more likely postponed) his Northampton, MA, and Philadelphia shows. Unless you’re in those areas, there’s no need to stow away your creepers and velvet sportcoat just yet, as no other dates are expected to be cut. And prepare yourself for the headline puns. Indeed, some jokes are better than others.

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Here’s hoping that M.I.A. won’t be forced to once again cancel her tour dates. The Sasquatch (and and Glastonbury)-M.I.A. rapper has recently expanded her U.S. tour by adding dates around her already festival-heavy schedule. While there are still no Northwest stops, there is now another reason to go to the New Orleans Voodoo Festival.
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It seems like there are more bands reuniting lately than breaking up. In recent reunion news, the Spice Girls hope to recapture their girl power with a world tour (prepare to have “tell me what you want what you really really want” stuck in our heads once again), while NME reports rumors of a Led Zeppelin memorial performance featuring the original members along with drummer Jason Bonham replacing his late father.
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Lily Allen is speaking out against those who say she’s too outspoken: the press, of course. In an interview with New York magazine, Allen says, “I think people hate me in England. I’m in the tabloids. I don’t want to be but I am. I’ll write 10 million nice things and then I’ll write one thing that annoys me and it’s like, ‘Lily Allen slams Lindsay Lohan. Lily Allen slams Madonna.’ And I become that person who badmouths people, which I’m not.” If you’d like to read some of those 10 million nice things, go to her very confessional MySpace page, where you can read blog posts entitled, “FUCK OFF, FUCK OFF,” “Easy,” “Sorry,” and “fat, ugly and shitter [sic] than winehouse.”
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In other Lily news, the singer, who’s reportedly recording new and most likely ska-heavy songs with Future Cut (who produced her previous Specials-influenced numbers), lends her vocal talents to Mark Ronson‘s reinterpretation of the Kaiser Chiefs’ “Oh My God.” Check out the video:

You can now be satisfied with more than just 30 second clips from the new Interpol record. Just released is this video for the ubiquitous single “The Heinrich Maneuver”:

The now clean-and-sober Ryan Adams appears to be at the top of his game. His recent show at the Hiro Ballroom in NYC has the bloggers glowing. This recent video of “Off Broadway” from the newly released Easy Tiger features Ryan and the gang all gussied up in their studio.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs will soon release an EP of not exactly new (though maybe new to you) songs that appeared in various places but not on an actual album. Here’s a moody new video for “Down Boy,” which appeared on a limited edition split 7″ single with Liars released in Japan and Australia. It will soon to be in your sticky hands on the Isis EP.

Portland band Blitzen Trapper‘s latest, Wild Mountain Nation, is a gloriously mixed bag of musical genres, with songs ranging from western twang to freak-out noise. Check out this video, of the latter variety, for “Devil’s A-Go-Go”:

Hey, did you know that The Thrills have a new album coming out next month? Yeah, me neither. Maybe that’s ’cause it won’t be coming out in the U.S. any time soon. But the beach boardwalk setting of “Nothing Changes Around Here” from the appropriately titled Teenage (as you’ll see) is the perfect summer scene.

I’ll leave you with this video from the forthcoming Kanye West album Graduation. As you’ll quickly recognize, “Stronger” and samples Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” pretty heavily:

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