Sonic Reducer: Mr. West’s Summer Update

WALLS rocking faster than even light itself

It is now summer, and that means hot, sweaty miserable shows with bands that can’t get around in the winter weather. One particularly good show this summer, was last Friday in Olympia at Manium, featuring local ragers WALLS, I’m a gun, and Sex Video, and all the way from Montreal, Canada, Fucked Up. The word that surrounds this show is “buzz.” There is a lot of positive energy and well-deserved hype going around all of these bands. Let’s start with I’m a gun, a two-piece featuring Brandon from the Fatigues, that makes me think of a strictly punk Lords of Light, and speaking of LoL, their singer, August, sings for WALLS along with the remnants of dearly missed Cold Sweat. WALLS are not playing very many shows so if you see that they are coming to your area, make sure you bring a friend as witness, and buy many of their soon-to-be-collectable records. SexVid (don’t bother searching for this on the internet, especially at work) kick ass and will punch you in the face with fast hardcore bursts. They have a great 7” EP called Tania. If you find one, get a couple for me.

There are tons of great shows this summer. For a very comprehensive list of hardcore shows, check out Northwest Hardcore. And if you are listening in the Bellingham area, check out more hardcore programming from our former intern, Kevin, on his new show Dance Floor Justice on

Also Sonic Reducer has a bunch of amazing things going on this summer.

Rat City Rollergirls will be stopping in frequently to let us know what’s new in all their “Derby Little Secrets.”
coconutcoolouts2.jpg Live in-studios on Sonic Reducer, 10pm ALL OF ‘EM!: Black Breath July 14th; Coconut Coolouts Aug. 11th; and many more even when summer is over
kex_bbq.gif KEXP BBQ: Not featuring too many punk bands, but what could be more punk that sunshine, hot dogs and beer. I’ll be there with a basketball and minimal shorts.

Be sure to check out the Music That Matters, Vol. 54 – Podcasterrific Podcast:

photo by icki
Pissed Jeans


Yes, it is my pleasure to announce that we have just blessed the world wide interweb with yet another bit of internet phenomena: a new podcast. This one featureth DJ Mr. West of Sonic Reducer, and Overnight DJ Rachel united for the first time on the downloadable airwaves. Hear Pissed Jeans discuss their favorite breakfast foods! Experience the mighty shredding power of Marni Stern. Be lulled into a mild depression by J. Tillman’s soothing voice. Learn about Alien Snatches and that time Mr. West tried to kill members of the Coconut Coolouts and Unnatural Helpers. Listen on the edge of your seat as Mr. West and Rachel meet, date, break up, and are now mortal enemies. Wonder in amazement as West managed to keep his shirt on almost the entire time. You might just hear some good music too.

Check out this fantastic set list:

1. Copyrights – Cashiers
2. Hex Dispensers – Forest Ray Colson
3. Jay Reatard – My Shadow
4. Intelligence – Confidence
5. Cheveu – Jacob’s Fight
6. Wooden Shjips – Dance, California
7. Copy – This Is Promotional
8. Panther – How Does it Feel?
9. Marni Stern – Grapefruit
10. Welcome – Actual Glad
11. J. Tillman – Evans and Falls
12. The Stares – Sucia
13. Earth – Miami Morning Coming Down
14. Dolorean – Violence in the Snowy Field
15. Playing Enemy – She So You
16. Hemmingway – Joanna Newsom/ Flowers Giving Birth
17. Sex Vid – Tania
18. Pissed Jeans – I Don’t Need Smoke to Make Myself Disappear (live@kexp)

Download Music That Matters, Vol. 54: (MP3)

You can subscribe to all Music That Matters podcasts here.

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