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Bruce Foxton is From The Jam, The Crypt 5/5/07
photo by David Wala

While everybody else in Seattle is at the Capitol Hill Block Party, fighting the crowds to see great bands Spoon, Silversun Pickups and Girl Talk, we can have a quiet moment together, nice and intimate. Now that it’s just us — you, me, and some of your favorite bands:

Karen O spoke with the Associated Press recently, as she made the rounds to promote Is Is, the latest EP from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and quelled a few rumors that had been circulating. Is the band working on new material? Only “here and there.” Any strife within the band lately? “There’s so much trauma, when you get that kind of popularity all of a sudden.” Will you appear in Playboy, as they’ve requested? “Never never ever.” Read more here.

And Karen O isn’t kidding about the sexual vibe she and the band are throwing these days, as you can see in this new video for “Rockers to Swallow”:


The visa-troubled M.I.A. gabbed with New Now Next about her popularity in the gay community, the challenges of performing as a woman, and her pleasure at seeing a group of Jamaicans (not known to be friends of Dorothy) sing about “Boyz.” The Sri Lankan rapper revealed the details that caused the end of her last relationship with a person who told her, “The worst thing about you is that you make music…” and who asked her to “give up everything.” (We assume she’s referring to Diplo, with whom she’s been linked romantically.) Rather than “surrender [her] life for love,” as she says her mother did, M.I.A. moved forward instead with Kia, her second album, due next month. Check out the full interview for more. (Thanks to The Music Slut for the heads up on this one.)

Here’s behind the scenes clip of the filming of “Boyz”:


Our friends over at Rock Sellout have an exclusive interview with The Jam‘s bassist Bruce Foxton, who is currently touring with former bandmate Rick Buckler as “From The Jam” (that’s two-thirds of the original group). Foxton discusses The Jam revival, has own band Casbah Club, and meeting estranged Jam frontman Paul Weller backstage at a concert. While Weller’s split from the band was complete, Foxton and Buckler kept in touch sporadically over the years. Says Foxton, “All Rick and myself ever wanted was, when you’re in a band with your mates for 6 or 7 years you just want to keep in touch now-and-again.” The meeting with Weller seemed positive, but he has yet to comment on (forget about join) the reconstituted band, who is currently helmed by Russell Hastings, who previously performed with Buckler in a Jam tribute band called The Gift. While the reformation seems a possible recipe for disaster, reaction has proved otherwise. Fans have packed and sold out all of the band’s gigs so far. Foxton admits that at first “We just didn’t know if we’d cut it,” but then adds, “we delivered in the end, so it was all very good.” For more about the future of the band, their plans to tour America, and the possibility of new material, read the full interview.


Want to know what it’s like to be Keith Richards (and who wouldn’t)? Bidding is open for crib notes on the aging rocker’s life. Apparently, at least two publishers believe there’s enough still stored in Richards’ memory cells to offer over $7 million in advanced fees. The New York Post reports that HarperCollins and Little Brown are still in the running. Previously, in the 80’s, the Stones guitarist was offered $1.5 million for his story, but he returned the sum, claiming that he couldn’t recall enough details. What’s changed now? Not much, but since Richards already defies many laws of science, perhaps he actually remembers more with age.


We’ll leave you to cuddle up with The Horrors, who meet the DL‘s Sara at the NYC curiosity shop Obscura Antiques:

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