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Langhorne Slim blogged live at Pickathon

Musicians are bloggers, too. Or they can be. Not every official MySpace page or blog for your favorite bands are corporate-run marketing tools. While some definitely seem to be (for example, did Ryan Adams choose his own labelmates as his top MySpace friends?), others are definitely in the creative control of the artists (such as Franz Ferdinand, who claim in their own frequently updated blog that they have made their formerly Epic-run MySpace page “ourspace”). There are many examples of excellent band blogs out there (like Pela’s tourblog), but here are a few musician-slash-bloggers who have been posting like mad lately (or doing something post-worthy):

Lily AllenSome artists, like Lily Allen, have made their career through MySpace. But as goes with celebrity, the mundane activities of an individual can become news fodder, and so Allen recently swore off of MySpace, claiming in a post entitled “Fuck Off Fuck Off” that the tabloids have ruined the experience because, she claimed, that whatever she writes “gets twisted and rewritten.” A month and a half later, she has returned and quite positively so, saying that her appearance at Glastonbury has reminded her “what this is all about.”

Unfortunately, she now has another story to tell in her blog — if she’s still in the mood for writing it, that is. Upon entering the United States on Sunday, to attend the announcement of the MTV Music Awards nominees (certainly an auspicious event), Allen was detained at LAX, according to the BBC, in conjunction with her previous citation for a scuffle outside a London club. As a result, Allen’s work visa has been revoked, and she’ll need to reapply before she can perform for her scheduled U.S. dates. Adding more information than you asked, her spokesman said, “She was detained for five hours but not strip searched. Understandably she was upset by it.” Assuringly, Allen says, “I want my fans to know that I will do everything I can to be back in America in September.”

[Update: According to Allen, the story of her visa trouble is just more “rubbish.”]


Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power, has newly discovered the joys of MySpace blogging. (Quick note to Chan: “Always remember, everybody can read what you say!”) Apparently caused by downtime after getting her wisdom tooth pulled added to the lack of interesting TV programming available, Cat Power now comes to you via the intertubes, complete with fragmentary blips about a STAX documentary, hybrid cars, and an interesting bit of news about an upcoming album of covers, her second, to be entitled Covers Record 2. According to Chan, there are 24 covers right now for her to choose from. Stay tuned for more revelations.

Here’s a song that we hope is in the running, Pavement’s “We Dance,” which she covered live last month (thanks to Chromewaves for hosting):

Cat Power – We Dance [Pavement cover] (MP3)


Devendra Banhart is previewing two songs at a time from his forthcoming full-length Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon on his MySpace page, and over at his website (which is so sweet it’s hard to imagine that he didn’t have a hand in it), you can watch a nine-minute mini-documentary filmed during the recording process of the album — or you can watch it here:


Locally, KEXP friend Dave Allen, bassist of the legendary Gang of Four and author of Portland-based Pampelmoose, has been bloggin’ about the Pickathon roots music festival held over the past weekend at Mt. Scott, outside of Portland. The lineup of this unfortunately named event featured alt-country greats The Gourds, The Avett Brothers, Langhorne Slime, Handsome Family, The Crooked Jades, and so many others. On the blog, Dave features exclusive stage-side videos, like this one of Portland’s own (and Roadhouse favorite) Alela Diane — click the picture!


One of the most thoroughly maintained music blogs, written by a band or otherwise, comes from Atlanta’s Deerhunter. Beginning just this past July, band members Bradford Cox (vocals) and Lockett Pundt (guitar), along with the band’s manager Kristin Klein, have been posting nearly every day, chronicling their touring adventures, their scatological exploits (not for the week of stomach), and lots of new songs and demos by both Lockett and Cox (who also records under the moniker Atlas Sound). Cox even went so far as to record an EP of new material “between 12:30am and 5:30am Saturday August 4,” which he posted as The Brian Foote EP.

Recently, one of their blog posts became news as it detailed the pair’s robbery at gunpoint after a show in Atlanta. Fortunately, they are both safe, minus rent money, cell phones, and cigarettes. Be sure to check in regularly for a wealth of interesting photos, videos, and songs, like this ethereal beauty Cox and Lockett recorded together:

Bradford & Lockett – Quad (MP3)

Think of any other great music blogs maintained by the bands themselves? If so, drop me a line at

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