Today in Music: Duets and Other New Releases

Tony and Tupac?

It was inevitable, with all of his posthumous releases, that Tupac would eventually be collected in a duets album (ironically named Evolution). Even though Tupac is dead (wink wink), it’s hardly an appalling assembly since there’s not much difference when all of the other “duet” albums have been quite literally phoned in. That doesn’t mean you should go out and buy it though, especially since there are a few other things you might want to stock up on first. Take along a crib of Largehearted Boy‘s weekly list to the record store with you, and while you’re there, be sure to consider Linda Thompson‘s latest, which contains an appropriately titled song “Beauty,” written by Rufus Wainwright and accompanied by Antony (of the “and the Johnsons”). Here’s a stream of the title track:


Another duet comes from New York based songwriter Nina Nastasia and drummer Jim White (of Australia raucous instrumentalists Dirty Three), who create emotionally impacting music together. White’s improvisational style gives new live to Nastasia’s typically sparse compositions, which you can hear on this track (thanks to Salon):

Nina Nastasia and Jim White – In The Evening (MP3)

The week is ideal for those who like beautiful noises. In addition to the duet of Nastasia and White, you can pick up the debut of Floratone, a local collaboration between drummer Matt Chamberlain, guitarist Bill Frisell and producers Tucker Martine and Lee Townsend, available on Blue Note. (Check out their video press kit here.) Also, in your store is the ninth(!) album by NYC cellist Erik Friedlander, who has played with everyone from John Zorn and Laurie Anderson to Courtney Love and the Mountain Goats.

Floratone – Floratone (stream)

Here’s Erik Friedlander live at The Marquee Lounge in NYC:


For a more rockin’ set, try Turbonegro, six deviants from Norway, whose Retox is their seventh album of sexually charged glam-metal:
Turbonegro – Boys From Nowhere (MP3)
Danish dance-meisters Junior Senior have finally let loose their sophomore album Hey Hey My My Yo Yo on the U.S., two years after its Japanese release. The single “Can I Get Get Get” still sounds fresh and exactly like you remember J/S from D-D-Don’t Stop the Beat. D-D-Dig it!

Dance was the means through which British anarcho-punks Chumbawamba delivered their radically political messages — remember the annoyingly catchy “Tubthumping”? — but not for former ‘Thumper and ice water dumper Danbert Nobacon trades beats for twang with his Bloodshot Records debut The Library Book Of The World, with accompaniment from the Pine Valley Cosmonauts.
Danbert Nobacon – Straight Talk [Meet Frank] (MP3)

Glasgow’s Life Without Buildings, who have been noticeably silent since their impressive 2001 debut Any Other City, have just released the live album, featuring mostly songs from their debuy and a few singles they put out around that time. Here’s hoping they’re hard at work on new material. In the meantime, look for Live at the Annandale from Absolutely Kosher:

Life Without Buildings – Juno [live] (MP3)

Finally, Vancouver-based You Say Party! We Say Die! has released their second album of infectiously quirky pop on Paper Bag Records:
You Say Party! We Say Die! – Monster (MP3)

and check out their great video — if Little Red Riding Hood met Sid and Marty Krofft in Prague:

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