KEXP Auction: Overnight DJ Troy

DJ Troy has eyes for you 
photo by Gregory A. Perez

We are in the midst of our KEXP auction where YOU can bid on many items around our fine facility. One of those items is a shining knight with blonde hair, big luscious eyes, and a knack for holding you close when life gets you down. YES I am talking about me! Ok, in my picture I may be wearing a wig, but damn I can rock a wig like it’s nobody’s business. The auction for my sweet mug is only open till Friday the 17th. So bid with confidence, and if you shall win, you also will be able to take a picture with me, and we’ll put it on our web site.

I also saw that a plant sold for $112.50. Now, I realize that Mr. Smith’s plants are beautiful, as is Mr. Smith himself, but if I sell for less than a friggin’ plant, I’m gonna plant myself in a gas chamber. Ok ok, too drastic, I know. But I just can’t wait to be owned by one of you loyal listeners. So bid high and hard (whatever that means) and I will bow down to the victor.

My fate is in your hands, so put your bidding hands to work, and I will bring forth more overnight craziness and what the hells. In the meantime, I’ll sit back and fear being out-sold by a plant, and strategically plan my next radio show. No matter what the outcome, I have much love for you all.

We’re all gonna be ok.

I have to go now, I have to go water my own plants (with my pee).

Sorry, toilet’s broken.


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  1. Rachel
    Posted August 17, 2007 at 9:30 am | Permalink

    now I know why all the plants in my office have died…

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