KEXP Auction: Kevin’s Hair

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Life with Kevin: Kevin’s Hair
By Lisa Shimizu

For as much time as I spend with Kevin, I’ve never really gotten to know his Hair. Currently at $513, Kevin’s Hair is one of the most thrilling auctions going on here at KEXP. On Sunday I took a few minutes to talk to Kevin’s Hair and find out a little about its past, present, views on music and much more. Check out this exclusive interview with Kevin’s Hair.

Lisa Shimizu: Hair, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me tonight.

Kevin’s Hair: No problem – it’s great to talk with you!

LS: So how do you feel about being part of the KEXP auction?

KH: Honestly, it’s pretty cool. I didn’t know anything about it, and neither did Kevin. That John Richards guy went ahead and placed me in the Own A Piece Of KEXP Auction without asking permission, but, hell, he’s one of those “do it now ask forgiveness later” kind of guys. I’m okay with that because I’m a rebel, too. Kevin has made me do some crazy things in the past without ever consulting me. It’s par for the course, and I’m proud and excited to be the only hair representing KEXP during the auction!

LS: Are you surprised at your popularity?

KH: At first I thought, who the hell would want me? But then I realized, I’ve been around a long time and it’s a pretty good value for my length and all the crazy things I’ve seen sitting on top of Kevin’s head. I’ve seen and heard it all, Lisa.

LS: Your current color can be best described as ‘salt and pepper.’ What’s your haircolor history?

KH: I’d actually describe me as ‘pepper and salt.’ Kevin’s put me through some severe torture over the years though. Once he turned me bright orange, then purple, blue, red, and bleached out. Remember “Manic Panic?” I do, and boy, I totally panicked when he put that shit on me…

LS: What about styles? What kind of torture has Kevin put you through over the years?

KH: During the seventies, Kevin had me doing a Farrah Fawcett feathered kind of thing. That was extremely lame. I was psyched when he heard the Ramones and went kind of with the Joey Ramone look, but after a while he dyed me bright orange.

Then one day when he was kind of messed up, he shaved almost all of me off. As he was growing me out, the torture began. He was hanging out with a “hair dresser” and every other week it was a different color and style: kind of a rockabilly thing that was cool, into a Morrissey sort of do, then a series of “don’t’s” like the root perm, the goth blowout, and the multi-colored dreads, although that was kind of cool.

I heard there’s some video out there of Kevin in his Jesus Meets John Lennon phase. Those were good times.


LS: What was your best year?

KH: Somewhere around 1987. I was really black, long, and had simmering purple highlights. I was like a raven!

LS: And how did you morph from that into your current style?

KH: Right before moving to Seattle, Kevin gave me kind of a shag that was about 2” long everywhere.

LS: That must have been shocking!

KH: It was for a corporate job. It was a little scary, but I felt pretty good about it because change is good, at least when toxic chemicals aren’t involved.. I’ve never been cut since. Some might call it severe neglect, but I feel very loved.

LS: What’s your morning routine with Kevin like?

KH: Some mornings he does this thing called ‘downward dog’ – it’s cool because I get to see the floor. And every other day or so he gives me a lot of attention and bathes me. Kevin uses really nice products one me – he wants me to be irresistible and not too frizzy. There’s a lot of Aveda products around the bathroom, which smell nice.


LS: Is it a good life being Kevin’s Hair?

KH: Overall I’m pretty darn happy but I hate it when Kevin puts those headphones on while he’s on the air or in a pony tail. I prefer to fly free, to have the wind blowing through me. It’s a peaceful, easy feeling.

LS: What can the winner of the “Kevin’s Hair” auction look forward to in the next 12 months?

KH: Well, I understand that they can come to the station and get their picture taken with me. Kevin will hang their name on his door so that everyone knows that they are my sponsor. And they’ll be supporting KEXP, which Kevin will appreciate more than anything – man, that dude loves music. He keeps me up late listening to some crazy shit. And he loves KEXP.

LS; Hair, it’s been really great talking with you and getting to know you better. Good luck in the auction!

KH: Thanks, Lisa! It’s been great talking to you and connecting with the KEXP listeners. Send them my thanks for bidding on me. And Cyrus. They shouldn’t forget about Cyrus.

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  1. Posted August 21, 2007 at 11:04 am | Permalink

    Kevin’s hair should be REALLY happy that it’s not anything like Carl (AC) Newman’s. That looks like a really frizzy, sweaty job! Although headphones have to probably frustrate any head of hair, Kevin’s probably does get to rattle along to some of the best music out there.

  2. Leigh Bezezekoff
    Posted August 21, 2007 at 1:12 pm | Permalink

    Too bad you guys aren’t auctioning off Grant Heart’s hair. It looks like he won it too. Good luck hair! I’ll see you Friday!!!

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