KEXP BBQ: Interview with Cave Singers & The Blakes

photo by Ron Henry

interview by Rachel LeBlanc

Saturday afternoon was full of music and grilled food at our annual KEXP BBQ at South Lake Union Park. Summer is coming to an end, and with all the hamburgers and hot dogs sizzling nearby, we had to ask a few of the local bands just what makes the perfect BBQ’d meal and how these past few months have been treating them.

photo by Ron Henry

We (me and Travis) first caught up with the Cave Singers: Pete, singer, Derek, guitar, and Marty, drummer.

Me: So say you had the ULTIMATE, perfect BBQ meal. What would be on the menu?
D: Pork Loins
M: stuffed pork loins. Those were the best I’ve ever had at a BBQ before.
D: Or a burger. If I were cooking with the skills I have now, a burger.
P: Make that a burger and a beer.
D: I think if I had a Texan really show me how to make an 18-hour full BBQ, I’d have him teach me how to make really good ribs.

Me: Alright, so you have this BBQ all cooked up and ready to go. Which fellow local band would you invite to share it with?
P & D: That’s a good question…
P: Triumph of Lethargy…
D: Yeah, they’d be really good to share a meal with.
P: Either them, or Whale Bones.

Me: Besides this one [KEXP BBQ], what would you say your favorite Seattle summer festival is?
M: I played [Capitol Hill] Block Party.
D: Yeah, Block Party.
All: Well, this one [KEXP BBQ] is the most laid back and friendly one we’ve been to.

Me: Summer’s coming to an end: What would you say your favorite memory of the season this year is?
D: Terwilliger Hot Springs, camping.
P: It’s right outside of Eugene, Oregon
All: Yeah, camping! Definitely.
P: We were on tour with Lightning Dust.

photo by Michael Blankenhorn

After getting the Cave Singers’ BBQ preferences, we searched out the Blakes. Those boys were hard to pull aside, as they seemed to be the biggest minglers backstage. Once I had a chance, I was only able to pull aside two of the three: Singer/guitarist Garnet and drummer Bob.

Me: Imagine you have the chance to prepare the ULTIMATE BBQ meal, with any food you want. What would that dream BBQ be?
G: A big huge pig on a spit rotisserie with a big ol’ apple in his mouth. Roasting over a huge fire.
B: I think I’d go with some fresh oysters.
So that’s all you’d have, just a bunch of meat?
G: Oh, and add maybe some Old Milwaukee too.

Me: Now you have this delicious BBQ meal, which fellow local band would you share with?
G: Hmm…Himsa! [laughs]
B: Are you serious!? Himsa!? Don’t say that!
G: Well, think of a two piece, that way more food for us!
B: They’re really small, but Disjointed Isotope. That’s my brother’s band.

Me: There are SO many festivals here in Seattle during the summer. Which one would you say is your favorite?
B: West Seattle Summer Fest was really good. There was a good crowd.
G: Yeah, and there was tons of beer there.

Me: Alright, what would you say your best summer memory has been this year?
G: I was over in Maine, when I found a tree frog from my window screen. I didn’t even know there were tree frogs over there!
B: Did you lick it and hallucinate?
G: No, no. Actually, I took it inside and did a photo shoot on my kitchen table, posing it with a flower.

Me: How about you Bob? Anything good?
B: No, uh, I don’t think I can top Garnet’s story.

[At this point, bassist Snow came over and sat down.]

Me: Hey, you’ve been missing all the fun questions here! Do you mind if I ask you a few? …What would you say your ULTIMATE BBQ meal would be?
S: I would say a giant roasted pig. Oh, that’s already been said. Uh, loads of FRESH fish.

Me: Which local band would you share that fresh fish with?
S: I wouldn’t. I don’t share. Alright, alright. Who is a really small band? A two-piece? Snakebites, they’re small.

Me: Favorite Seattle summer festival?
S: KUBE Summer Jam! I heard Luda was sick this year. [All three laugh]

Me: What would be your favorite summer memory this year? It has to beat Garnet’s tree frog story…
S: Tree frog? I didn’t hear about any tree frog. Well, I don’t have a good memory, so I don’t have a favorite one.

And there you have it. Six very funny local guys who also happen to play music and aren’t afraid of throwing some meat on the barbecue.

photo by Chona Kasinger

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