KEXP BBQ: Wrap Up!

photo by Mike Blankenhorn

After a week of posts about the KEXP BBQ, it’s about time to wrap things up. It was without a doubt our most successful BBQ. We saw the largest crowds, the highest ticket sales, and the most beer consumed. Not only that, but we received over $2000 in new memberships! We’d like to thank everyone who attended and who worked hard to make it happen and who performed their asses off to turn this into a memorable event.

Here are a few final stats, courtesy of Matthew Seabrook, KEXP’s events coordinator:

_Attendance: 2200
_Kegs Tapped: 42
_Persons Ejected: 0

_KEXP Staff Contributing To Planning of BBQ: 12
_Weeks to Plan BBQ: 14
_Days to Physically Set Up BBQ: 3
_Days to Physically Break Down BBQ: 2
_Volunteer Crew to set up BBQ: 100
_Volunteer Crew to break down BBQ: 40
_Garbage Cans / Recycle Bins Emptied From BBQ: 50
_Fencing Sq Feet Set Up for BBQ: 1400′
_Runs to Guitar Center: 4
_Runs to Home Depot: 10
_Runs to Kinko’s: 4
_Runs to buy more water so we wouldn’t run out: 1
_Amount to Power Stage and Lighting: 100amps

_Stop the music, there’s a wedding over here! We we’re able to help the Pan Pacific Hotel who was hosting a wedding on their third floor Courtyard Roof by making sure their wedding commenced between Pela and the Blue Scholars band change.

_The BBQ had a rain shadow over it, somehow we we’re saved from the torrential rains that were plummeting the rest of Western Washington.

This, our final BBQ slideshow, takes you from the station tours to the end of Cloud Cult’s set. Enjoy.

Thanks to Mike Blankenhorn, Ron Henry, Chona Kasinger, and Dan Muller for the great photos! You can see more photographs on the kexplive Flickr page.

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