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photo by Joseph Traina

This weekend welcomes the International Pop Overthrow music festival to the Sunset in Ballard for four whole nights, Friday – Monday. With upwards of eight bands playing each night, it’s a schedule fit for only the most robust of power-pop superfans. For those mere mortals looking to catch the highlights, might we recommended you not miss the following bands?

Friday night, amid the eight-band local lineup, make sure to catch Stuporhero and Young Sportsmen, two bands who are supporting brand spankin’ new CDs this month. If you looked up “driving, enthusiastically awesome power-pop” in the dictionary (and really, who hasn’t done that?), you just might find the Young Sportsmen’s latest, Death to Palaces, staring you in the face (and blaring in your ears).

Saturday night marks the return of Seattle band the Amateur Lovers, their first reunion show in about 10 years! The band released one record (Virgin White Lies) back in 1997 on Stone Gossard’s (now defunct) label, Loosegroove, toured with Ben Folds Five, and made at least one superfan out of an imaginary girl (before TIG was even a twinkle in her imaginary eye), before fading into the indie-pop sunset. With 70s pop influences (including some seriously Brian May fueled guitar work) and irreverent lyrics, make sure you stick around to catch this show (they’re headlining the night).

To whet your Amateur Lovers appetites, here’s a video for “Rubix Cube” from Virgin White Lies:

Have a view, and let us know what you think!

Sunday night, you also are gonna need to catch the headliners, We Wrote the Book on Connectors, Seattle’s own (and only, as far as we know) self-professed moustache rock band. Any band that makes shot glasses for schwag has gotta be worth staying up late, even on a school night.

The full lineups for the International Pop Overthrow can be seen at their website. Looks like they run a pretty type ship, so plan your schedules accordingly.

superbad.jpgIf you get power-popped out, you should carve out two hours to go see the super good new movie, SuperBad — especially if you’re a fan of teenage crude vulgarity a la American Pie, Porky’s, and Animal House. While Seth Rogen wrote himself into the script a wee bit too much, it’s the perfect movie to sneak a 6-pack of cheap beer into the theatre and share with your neighbor. Maybe even sneak in a whole Costco sized jug of cheap beer (you’ll understand after you’ve seen the movie).

Pop goes the world,
three imaginary girls

High iPod rotation:
Minus the Bear
New Pornographers
Das Llamas

(Three Imaginary Girls is a Seattle-based website that showcases the great music of the Northwest and beyond to music lovers worldwide. We post a Settle live show calendar to help you fill your day-planner with loads of great shows, as well as record reviews, live show reviews, and an imagi-blog to entertain you throughout the day.)

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