Life With Arlie: My Week Off

Arlie — doing a job a monkey could do

My name is Arlie, I’m just about 3 years old. This Sunday is my birthday. Obviously if you like my Dad you need to get me like a truck or a book or something that is awesome. I kid, Dad better step up or I’m going to start crapping my pants again. It’s what I do. I’m almost 3.

This week Mom and Dad didn’t have any backup plan for my week off of “school” (I’m doing the quotation marks things with my little hands right now) and so I’m hanging with the Morning Show all week. I’m so happy to get a break from the grind though. Every morning it’s juice, it’s painting, it’s playing with toys, etc, etc, the daily grind you know? The other day I finished an hour shift on the playground followed by 20 minutes of eating a cheese sandwich. I was burned. I had to nap for 3 hours. Anyway, it’s good to get into the station and watch Dad work. From what I can tell, he pushes these really bright buttons and plays music really loud. This is a job? I’m pretty sure Curious George could do what my Dad does and probably be more fun to watch.

After Dad’s shift this week, he is watching me. He says he’s happy to get outside for a change but that dude doesn’t know what’s it like always having to play outside and run around and do whatever you want. It’s hard work! Yesterday we went to the Children’s Museum at Seattle Center. I spent an hour pretending I worked in a kitchen, which to me is a pretty rad job. I gave dad a plastic chicken and he pretended to eat it. I know he was pretending, he’s a vegetarian.

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  1. Audrey
    Posted August 28, 2007 at 6:20 pm | Permalink

    That’s too cute. Happy Birthday! 3 is an awesome age; oh, the fond memories.

  2. lulu
    Posted August 29, 2007 at 7:05 pm | Permalink

    dear little arlie,

    happy birthday. let me tell you the truth from someone who’s lived more than twice as long as you have. actually practically THREE times since i’m turning 9 in january. hang onto your toddler-hood arlie. because the older you get, the more responsibities you will have, like having to poop and pee in that huge toilet that could potentially flush yourself down if no one is watching, but you’r still forced to go to bed by 8:00.

    and on top of that, when you hit six years old, you get homework and they don’t even pay you for all the additions and substractions you work out for your teacher. i bet my teacher is using me as an accountant so i was adding her taxes and grocery bills and stuff like that.

    anyway my little friend, enjoy being three because four is a bit tougher. and FIVE — forget about it. i speak from experience. it’s really difficult being eight. i now have to eat salad with real vineagrette dressing.

    by the way, you look awesome in those headphones. we’ll do the morning show when i’m there next time and give john a break. we will play punk rock and break things in the booth.

    see you soonish.
    love, lulu

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