Bumbershoot: A Photographer’s Review, Part 3


Text and photos by Chona Kasinger

Day three of Bumbershoot certainly saw a shift in audience. Though the day proved slightly more overcast than the two days previous, the spirits of eager Main Stage junkies could not be quashed. I arrived just in time to catch one of my local favorites, The Blakes. As lively and jangly as always, this saliently classic rock influenced band set the bar for the rest of the day.


The next group on my mental “to see” list featured igDana‘s hubby, David, on guitars. Shake Some Action! layed out poppy rock riffs to put the candy store to shame.


It has been a big year for Northwest band Viva Voce. I first caught them at the Paramount opening for the signed major record label band The Shins, then later at Sasquatch, and now Bumbershoot! Anita and husband Kevin Robinson attracted many Bumbergoers to their set, calling for full grounds of an audience.


My new favorite band: Siberian. Are these guys for freakin’ serious unsigned? [editor’s note: the band is now signed to Sonic Boom Records] Before their set, all I had known of them was that they opened for one of my favorite bands ever, Youth Group, a year previous. Opening for Youth Group is always a good thing. Siberian caroused through second year calculus level math rock, all the while staying tight and energetic. A Seattle powerhouse rock band, I see only good things in their future!

chona3_5.jpg chona3_6.jpg

Fleet Foxes‘ music is the soundtrack to mornings spent in foreign countries. Their songs are the songs stuck in mockingbirds’ heads all across Washington and they just can’t stop humming. I can’t stop raving about this band after seeing them perform for the first time at Capitol Hill Block Party. They’re also unsigned, but I can’t imagine it will last that way for much longer.


Tokyo Police Club was a group I was very excited to see perform live, as I had missed them at Sasquatch only months previous. Loud, fast, and bright: this group lived up to my high expectations.

chona3_8.jpg chona3_9.jpg

Towards the end of the day, I sidled closer to the Sound Transit Stage than the Main Stage. My excitement to see Ted Leo and the Pharmacists live could only be surpassed by my excitement to get something in my stomach. Fortunately, the kind vendors at Bumbershoot were able to provide with mass arrays of food…because yes, the “paparazzi” get hungry too.

Despite me and a friend’s frantic requests from backstage for Ted to cover Kelly Clarkson, we were rejected by the new comer bassist: “Hey Ted! The photographers are quitting because they want you to play ‘Since You Been Gone.’ Hey, Photographers! Take a photo of me saying ‘Noooo.'” Meanie.

Ted Leo and the RX leaped and bounded across stage like Paris Hilton trying to stomp out a forest fire. Their energy definitely translated across to the audience, as they fiercely pleaded for an encore. Great band, great show, nice guys…maybe a little bit too heavy on the intoxicants. The crowd loved them, I loved them — no harm, no foul.




Pure and almost disgustingly fortunate luck had it that a massive storm hit JUST as my friend as I hopped on I-5 south bound. The imminent rain had finally come, and just at the right time.

Though lacking in any truly epic Main Stage acts this this year, Bumbershoot, as always, proved to be an urban escape from daily life. Overall, it was a massive success; we all await what’s in store for next year.

You can see more of Chona’s photographs here.

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