Live in Chicago: Imperial Teen


words by Stefania Rudd
interview by DJ Shannon
pictures by Susana Meza

The second live performance of day two in Chicago was from San Francisco based band Imperial Teen. Starting off their set list was “Do it Better” from their latest album The Hair The TV The Baby and The Band. After the song John spent some time chatting with the group about recording the new album and what has been going on with them during the last five years. Oddly enough the book The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson was brought up after guitarist Roddy Bottum mentioned the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. John and the band discussed how the storyline of the fair’s construction was far more interesting than the storyline of the murder. During the Chicago talk, we also discovered that drummer Lynn Truell actually lived in the Hancock Building for two years. The set continued on with “One Two,” and “Shim Sham.” Before the final song the band spoke about some of their recording habits, and where they are currently living. They wrapped it up with fan favorite “Yoo-Hoo.” They will be playing Chicago’s Abby Pub tonight, Thursday, October 4th, before heading off to some east coast cities. For more information check out their website and MySpace page.

After their set, DJ Shannon (Sauter) grabbed the band to ask a few quick questions:

Shannon: Tell me about the recording process for the new record.

Jone Stebbins: We recorded in LA at Kingsize studios, a small studio in Eagle Rock neighborhood. With our friends, Anna and Steve who have worked on our albums before. Steve worked on all of them. They’re a married couple.

Shannon: What bands are you listening to lately?

Roddy: Bela from Vancouver. We just played some shows with. Like Animal Collective.

Jone: Old music like Sergio Mendes and weird lounge music. John Doe. I saw Go! Team at Coachella and they were so much fun.

Shannon: Who are your influences?

Roddy Bottum: We all have difference ones. I love Jarvis Cocker.
(To Will): Did you know that Young Frankenstein is now a musical?

Will Schwartz: I’d only do a musical if I had a really big backing. Exorcist the musical.

Shannon: Hope no one steals that idea.

Roddy: Keep it to yourself. We’ll know where it leaked if it doesn’t.

Shannon: What is your favorite city to play in?

Jone: SF. Seattle is always great for us. LA also.

Shannon: What about outside the States?

Jone: Haven’t really toured Europe but we’ve played Spain and France.

Jone Stebbins

Will Schwartz

Lynn Truell

Roddy Bottum

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