Live in Chicago: The Twilight Sad


review by Meredith Tucker
interview by DJ Shannon
photos by Susana Meza

Glasgow-based four-piece The Twilight Sad performed four songs for our third live session of the day, broadcasting at Engine Studios in Chicago, IL. A serene, transcendental, but highly energetic set of songs from one of the most talked-about records released this year, Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters, was produced before a full in-studio audience. Although some might be keen to say that The Twilight Sad simply produce delicate and tuneful recordings, the band’s live set is chock full of moxie, begging moving feet, hips, and more than just nodding heads. The foursome’s intimacy purveys a post-modern sensibility with epic interludes. Their current ten-day tour of America will hardly be a drop in the bucket that is the immense potential of The Twilight Sad. It is certainly not enough time to truly embrace the endearing Scottish accents, emotional lyrics, and tremendous musical talent that have made the band a favorite on the wee hours of the John in the Morning show and other airwaves alike. Upcoming tour plans with Idlewild and a new record scheduled out next year will surely give fans something to look forward to.

DJ Shannon (Sauter) chatted briefly with the amiable Scots James Graham (vocals), Andy MacFarlane, (guitar/accordion/noise), Craig Orzel (bass), and Mark Devine (drums).

DJ Shannon: Since you guys have been on the road forever, it seems, have you worked on any new material? When are you putting out a new record?

Mark: The answer is no, so consequently never.

James: We’ll have it out at the end of next year but we need time off.

DJ Shannon: That’s a long time.

James: We’ve got bits and pieces of ideas but we need some time back home to sit down and just write.

DJ Shannon: We thought you might write something on the bus.

Jake: We’re not adventures in hi-fi. You hear bands that do that and it’s usually…well…shit.

DJ Shannon: Favorite albums of the year. Go. If you could pick one.

James: Frightened Rabbit… as in…ahhhhh! It’s called the Midnight Organ Fight.

Craig: Sexy.

James: They’re friends of ours.

DJ Shannon: What about American bands?

Mark: Cheap Trick!

James: I really want to hear the new Beirut.

DJ Shannon: What’s your favorite city to play in? Where have you had the best response?

James: Chicago and Seattle is good.

Craig: Seattle is good.

James: Austin was alright. Second time we came back to Chicago and the band we were playing with had Visa trouble and we didn’t expect them to turn up to Chicago and it was amazing. It was the first time we got asked to play an encore. We don’t like to do encores but it was nice to be asked.

Craig: We should ban encores so we’ll never do them again.

Andy: Our manager makes us do them.

James: We’ll just walk off and not come back. Sit in the van.





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