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Interview by Rachel LeBlac

This past Sunday I had a chance to meet up with current KEXP local favorites Feral Children. The boys have been in high rotation here on the station, and played a show last night at the Crocodile for their new release, Second to the Last Frontier.

The five piece are more a band of brothers than just a plain band, cracking jokes at each other’s expense and telling it like it is. Here is the amended version of the evening long chat I had with Jim, Josh, Jeff, Sergey, and new drummer Bill:

Before Feral Children, you were Blood Alley Accident:
Josh: Jeff, Jim, Sergey, and I played in the band for a few years. Then Blood Alley broke up, we all moved away, Jim went to Alaska. Everyone did they’re own thing. When we all came back, we decided to get back together. We picked up Chris from the band Asahi to play drums, but then Eternity Emergency came and the new record came, and Chris decided he didn’t want to play anymore. So now we have Bill.
Bill: If it weren’t for my friend Thomas [Wright, of the Can’t See], I probably wouldn’t be here honestly.

Is there going to be an upcoming tour?
Jim: Unofficially, late November, early December there will be shows around Oregon. Maybe Salt Lake City. January there’s going to be an entire West coast tour. There should be a SXSW tour which loops around up the mid-West and the Rocky Mountains. We’ll be gone for 2-3 weeks. None of them are actually booked yet, haha. But we have played at these places…sorta.

It seems most people who review you say you sound like Modest Mouse…
Josh: Could you play that angle off? We don’t sound anything like Modest Mouse. Let’s play that one down. You know how I describe that, it’s because we’re from the back woods like they originally were. Yeah we grew up listening to Modest Mouse, we are influenced but we don’t say we sound like them.

Where do you draw influence from then?
All: Life!

What are the details of your new full length?
Jeff: CD just came out on Tuesday [September 24th].
Bill: As far as I know, we’re number 1 on KEXP for local and number 5 for National.
Josh: I think we all feel really good about that. KEXP has been really badass.
Jim: I actually am a card-carrying member [of the station.]

What else does the future hold?
JIm: We’re filming a video with Troy Nelson from KEXP. For the first song off of our new record, “Spy”.
Josh: We’re doing the all-ages Easy Street Records 26th of October.

As this is the edited version, if you’d like to know how truly potty-mouthed the band is, more details about how Bill became their new drummer, and much much more elaboration, please visit Three Imaginary Girls for the unedited and full-length version of this interview!

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  1. Posted October 5, 2007 at 8:22 am | Permalink

    Rachel rules!! We heart both versions of this interview…

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