Weekend Headlines: Arcade Fire, Radiohead & Reverb


Taking a cue from Radiohead’s hieroglyphic shenanigans, or just timed to appear that way, Arcade Fire played it its own mystery game by posting warnings to fans last week on their NeonBible website to “be oNline B” on “October 6th” which led to the link beonlineb.com. And, sure enough, on Saturday, the site revealed an interactive video for the song “Neon Bible.” While you’re there, be sure to “click around”, as the URL commands you, and move the giant hands around, throw apples, snuff out hovering candle flame, and play a little four card monty (listen to the applause if you win a hand). It’s definitely an amusing diversion while you’re at work!

If what Win Butler said during Saturday night’s show at Randalls Island, NY, is to be believed, you had better make the amusement last more than a few minutes’ worth of pointless fiddling. According to Stereogum, on what was the last stop of AF’s tour with LCD Soundsystem, Butler told the audience, “I know we come to New York a lot, but this is going to be the last time for a few years. So let’s have a good time tonight.” No further word has been given by Butler or the band as to exactly how long of a hiatus they will take and what they will do while they are not touring.

Appropriately enough, the band performed their second encore outside that evening, covering Violent Femmes’ “Kiss Off”:

inrainbows1.jpgSpeaking of Radiohead, there are only two more days until their new album, In Rainbows, becomes available. It’s history in the making, folks, ’cause Thom and the boys are asking you to decide your price. (And according to our poll, 15% of you will pay nothing, 45% will pay under $20, 22% will opt for the over-$80 discbox, and 18% are partypoopers and will wait for a “real” release.) If you haven’t already, go to Radiohead’s website now!

Reverbfest, an all-local music festival sponsored by The Seattle Weekly, took over Ballard on Saturday and was by noted by all (everyone I talked to, at least) a worthy addition to the Seattle festival calendar. On nine stages spread out across about six blocks, you could see over 50 local bands with a meager cover of $10. While some of the stages were under-attended at various times of the day, like the homeless-happy Mainstage, other stages drew big crowds and long lines snaking out of venues. (After stepping outside at the end of Mark Pickerel’s performance, I realized that I couldn’t get back inside!)

Check the Reverb blog, Three Imaginary Girls, and other good local music blogs for reviews and photos.

Here’s an excellent video from Three Imaginary Girls featuring Throw Me the Statue live at the Bop Street Records stage:

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