Out this Week: Freaky new releases 10/9

Beirut performed songs from their new album live on KEXP last week
photo by Mark Ward

Let’s hope you still got some funny money in your walllet ’cause it’s time to get your freak on: this is one wonderfully weird week of new releases. Even the most anticipated releases by Band of Horses and Beirut, both fantastic sophomore efforts, are not your typical fare of indie rock, with BoH soaring new heights of vocal range and Beirut going more “old country” than “old school.” Of course there’s the good natured Swedes — but as clean and upstanding as they might be, there’s also something always just a little bit off about them, but they’re no less effective songwriters, especially when we’re talking about the literate Jens Lekman and newcomers Johnossi, who both have new albums worth checking out. If you like your freak kinda folky, there are a bunch of new releases from the likes of MV & EE, Doveman, Mariee Sioux, and Portland residents Loch Lomond and Scout Niblett to choose from, as well as a re-release by the nearly forgotten Ed Askew (you know, the bearded guy from Gandalf and the Motorpickle! No? It’s pretty radical outsider folk you were missing out on until now). For indie rock that’s lo-fi or capital-Q “Quirky,” there’s Sunset Rubdown and The Fiery Furnaces respectively. Even the beats this week are freaky, with Spank Rock and Benny Blanco “… Are Bangers and Cash.” Give a listen and let your freak flag fly:

Band Of Horses – Is There A Ghost (MP3)

Beirut – A Sunday Smile [live on KEXP] (MP3)

Cass McCombs – That’s That (MP3)

Celebration – Evergreen (MP3)

Deadstring Brothers – Heavy Load (MP3)

Doveman – … & Sunrise Medley (MP3)

Enon – Mirror On You (MP3)

Fiery Furnaces – Ex-Guru (MP3)

Jens Lekman – Friday Night At The Drive-In Bingo (MP3)

Johnossi – Man Must Dance (MP3)

Loch Lomond – Stripe II (MP3)

Mariee Sioux – Friendboats (MP3)

MV & EE with the Golden Road – Gettin Gone preview (video)

Scout Niblett – Kiss (MP3)

Sunset Rubdown – Up on your Leopard, Upon the End of your Feral Days (MP3)

Spank Rock – B.O.O.T.A.Y. (MP3)

Two more ambitious and equally idiosyncratic collections are also vying for your cash: the 2-disc set of new material from the insanely prolific Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices) and the re-release of two early CDs of “stunningly skewed stoner rock” (that’s an amalgamation of several reviews) by other Portlanders Viva Voce — the city of Portland, by the way, has a whole campaign of weirdness.

Robert Pollard – Current Desperation [Angels Speak of Nothing] (MP3) – from Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love

Robert Pollard – Pill Gone Girl (MP3) – from Standard Gargoyle Decisions

Viva Voce – Fashionably Lonely (MP3) – from Lovers, Lead the Way

Viva Voce – Free Nude Celebs (MP3) from The Heat Can Melt Your Brain

Viva Voce – Wrecking Ball [Tunng Remix] (MP3) – bonus track

Thanks to fellow freaks Paper Thin Walls, Prefix, Stereogum, and all of the labels and distributors just off the wall enough to make songs available for potential consumers to sample.

Now get out there and start spending, freak!

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