Fall Membership Drive Update: Monday (cont.)


Monday morning started out really emotionally for me.

So it’s barely 7am on Monday morning. I was soaking in a hot tub, trying to quell the butterflies in my stomach before coming into the station, and I hear that our friends Angela and Ray have made a $3,000 challenge pledge. Tears sprung to my eyes as I listened to how quickly their gift inspired others to make their own contributions. As soon as I could get to my laptop, I wrote a note to let them know how much we appreciated this big jump in giving level for them, and for encouraging others to do the same. (They not only inspired others to make gifts, but also inspired $4,000 in additional challenges during the course of the morning!) We’re going to get together when we can so that I can give ‘em a couple hugs, that’s for sure.

Angela and Ray are long time donors who have been very involved with KEXP, even though we can’t see Ray as much as we’d like. He is stationed aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln and is often away at sea. Angela stays in Seattle and holds down the fort. She’s one of those infectiously enthusiastic people, a pre-school teacher, who just can’t say enough nice things about whatever the topic. It seems that every time they make a gift, I end up with tears in my eyes because they feel so deeply about the station.

A couple hours later, we got the following email from Ray, which made for more happy tears:

John, Cheryl, Leesa, Tom and whoever else may be reading this:

First, let me say thank you for your kind words [of thanks], they are really nice to read and lift my spirits out here aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln off the coast of smoky Southern California. So many times I question my reason for having chosen such a challenging duty station and then I think of how great Seattle is and most especially how much KEXP means to me and how important it is to my life. I remember looking for something to listen to on the web as a way to verify my network was maintaining good connectivity six years ago. I tried various “free” services, like Virgin Radio, V2 radio and various other web feeds from around the world. By some great stroke of luck I found KEXP and within a month was a member and have not stopped listening. I bought a web capable phone to listen to KEXP when I am out of town or in areas that are beyond broadcast range in the area. I get rooms around the Pacific Rim with internet connections so I can get my “fix” of KEXP. My CD collection, already extensive, has grown exponentially and I keep a notepad handy to write down what I am hearing so I can remember what to buy the next time I am in Sonic Boom in Ballard. I pine for my KEXP and miss it almost as much as Angela. ☺ The other guys I work with listen to the same songs over and over, but I put my headphones on and never hear the same song twice in the same day, much like KEXP. I am proud to be a member and only wish I could give more, do more and tell more people about one of the rarest and most endangered resources on the planet; a commercial free, listener supported, DJ programmed radio station that gives back to its community through charity events and programming. I look forward to the day in the not too distant future where I can hear John on the way to work, Cheryl at lunch and Kevin on the way home; Kid Hops on my Saturday morning, Quilty while I shop the market and sleep to the awesome overnight personalities. You are the ones who rock and it is a privilege to be a part of the greatest radio station the world has ever seen. Keep providing your best, we will always be here.

Ray Stockstad, Proud KEXP listener, supporter, member

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