Review Revue: The Red Hot Chili Peppers


OK, that last post was fun and all, but I will admit there was not nearly enough negativity to make for an entertaining read. Let’s really get things rolling with The Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ debut, self-titled album. I really wish I could imagine what it must have been like, in 1984, to hear these nutjob California skater punks’ George Clinton inspired madness for the first time. Now the band has had more lineups than the GOP has had sex scandals (this year anyway), and they’re delivering double-disc, 28-track opuses such as Stadium Arcadium. I guess those KCMU guys didn’t know how good they had it!

What follows is a pretty great peek into the music geekery (who needs or Wikipedia when you’ve got a bunch of college radio DJs scribbling on a record cover?), snobbery, enthusiasm and backbiting that can run rampant in a college radio station. The following transcription won’t really do justice to the cross-talk, arrows and interjections on the actual cover, but it’s a start.

“Boy, these guys are really varied. Weird subject matter, as well as rap, funk and thrash. From L.A., and are in the latest issue of In Touch mag, completely nude. (?)”

“Phil Lithman (aka Snakefinger) played in a band with this same name in the early 70s.”

“So what?”

“Trivia! OK?”

“Produced by Andy Gill. A bit slick, but what else would you expect?”

“Cool record!”

“Truly awful . . . there is no excuse for this.”

“There’s no excuse for closed-mindedness.”

That’s not true! Work in commercial radio!

“One needn’t be in commercial radio to be narrow-minded. Also, vice versa.”

“One need not dislike this record to be narrow-minded. If I dislike Lionel Richie does that make me narrow-minded?”

“I love it!”

“For your information, Snakefinger’s band was called Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers, which also had Pete Thomas (of The Attractions) on drums. And this is good, too.”

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  1. Myles
    Posted November 1, 2007 at 8:08 pm | Permalink

    Hi, I’m a DJ at a two-bit college station in Vermont WIUV (I believe currently we’re not even on the ‘official’ list of college stations as our treasurer forgot to send the check or something. Anyway backstory.

    I stumbled across this blog reading up on Dinosaur Jr. and it’s great. In our station stickered onto the CDs are some great comments, Collective Soul being one-hit wonders, pleas that someone play a song other then 100% from Sonic Youth…etc. I don’t know. Thought I’d leave a comment.

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