Review Revue: The Lime Spiders – The Cave Comes Alive


Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to come up with a special, somehow holiday-related Review Revue today, but none of the albums I thought of were turning up on the shelves (c’mon, people, no Alice’s Restaurant?). So instead I thought I would take a different approach, and dig up something that I (and hopefully you) have never heard of. Lest you think that that new band the bloggers are all going gaga over will go on to be a world-renowned classic a couple decades on, I thought I would share the example of The Cave Comes Alive, by The Lime Spiders. Who? Right. But 20 years ago, they were apparently all the rage here. (And in Minneapolis, it would seem: I just asked Kevin Cole if he remembered them, and he said “Yeah, they rocked!” Jim knew who they were too, so perhaps this is just me displaying my own ignorance for all the world to see. Hi, world!)

It seems from their Wikipedia entry that The Lime Spiders are still rocking these days, so maybe this little blog post will give their career the re-kickstart it needs. Tastes have come back around to the style of rock they’re bringing, so here’s hoping so. Go check ‘em out, and tell them Review Revue sent you! They won’t know what you’re talking about, but tell them anyway!

“Excellent rock from down under. their sound is a bit slicker than before – but yummy regardless.”

“Another Cream cover – ‘NSV'”

“Way Rocking! ‘Blood from a Stone'”

“HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT – Swing me round BY THE HAIR!!!”


“Ah Steph – you masochistic gal you.”

“Note new I.D. Spot in Rack.” [Sounds like they even stopped into the KCMU studios for a live set and recorded an ID!]

“Noted.” [Ha!]

“Are You Lovin’ Me More was originally done by The Electric Prunes. Action Woman is also a cover, it’s on the 1st Pebbles compilation.” [It appears to have been written by Warren Kendrick, and performed first by The Litter. I should have asked Kevin about The Litter, too – I’m sure he’d give me an earful.]

And with that little bit of trivia, we wrap up yet another installment. What could next week bring? A long-loved classic? A reviled piece of crap? Another lost treasure? Be sure to tune in and find out!

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