Intern(al): Inside KEXP In-Studios – The Forms 11/20/07


written by Justin Wilmore
photos by Mike Blankenhorn

Tuesdays are my day to assist Cheryl Waters on her show. I met our guests, The Forms at the door and helped them find there way into the live room. Jackson Kenny (Bass) quickly dashed off to Starbucks too get some coffee. Everyone else started setting up. I didn’t get to see them warming up really because I was pulling some requests for Cheryl. They got ready fast though and caught me off guard when Cheryl was walking down the hall at noon telling board operator Jack Walters there were about 2 minutes left on her last song. I followed her down the hall to watch.


I was really impressed. They are the type of band that have fun just playing together. Afterwards I went in to get all the necessary release forms (ha!) signed. Somehow we all got to talking about television. They have been watching HBO’s Deadwood on this tour. Brendan Kenny (guitar) said he used to have a big beard until they started watching and got inspired to shave it off into a neat little mustache. He actually looks a lot like the character Seth Bullock. As I was helping them load out, Jackson showed me the wireless internet hooked up in what they call their “iVan”. They said they’ve burned through 5 power inverters (the things that turn your cigarette lighter into a regular outlet) figuring out how much stuff they could plug into it. When they were loaded up, I said good-bye, briefly worried about a freak van fire and told them to be safe. They said they would and pulled away.

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