Behind the Curtain with Ken Frye: Planning the Yule Benefit


How does KEXP put on an event like the 5th Annual Yule Benefit or the KEXP Summer Barbecue? KEXP’s Ken Frye answers these and other questions with KEXP’s events producer Amy Lindsey.

So, who is Amy Lindsey anyway? Well, Amy tells us that she has been entertaining and producing since she was 5 years old. It must have been a sight to see her entertaining in Underoos and Ginny gowns while charging the neighbors a $1 to dance to her 45’s. Has anything changed since then? Not really. Maybe a little more then a dollar admission but the look is the same. Amy has been listening, playing, and wrangling in music for as long as she can remember and with her ethnomusicology studies at the University of Washington she can really lure you in through a roller coaster ride of music appreciation.

Her volunteering experience starts with KEXP/KCMU within the communications building at UW in 1997. Since then she has been volunteering on and off at KEXP as a DJ assistant, as pledge drive volunteer, and also in producing, organizing and presenting shows and events of the highest caliber to an audience ready to be musically challenged.

Currently, Amy is working on the Yule Benefit which helps fund and promote the station. Not only does the Yule Benefit support the local music community it exposes upcoming bands on a national level that are about to break. Let’s learn more about Amy’s role at the station as Ken Frye conducts an interview with the one and only Amy Lindsey.

Ken Frye: So, who came up with this name “Yule Benefit” anyway?

Amy Lindsey: It’s a play on words. It sounds like, “You will.. You’ll” and then add the word “benefit” and you’ll get “Yule Benefit.” The name is also non-denominational so it doesn’t focus on any one particular holiday. It’s just an all encompassing musical holiday.

KF: What do you do?

Amy Lindsey: I am the events producer at KEXP. I produce music events and shows with the programming department for the station that help generate funds to support local radio and for the continuation of local music events.

KF: What is the Yule Benefit?

AL: The Yule Benefit on Saturday, December 8th, at the Showbox is a seasonal party and fundraiser for KEXP. It provides support for local music events and programming. This will be the 5th Annual Yule benefit for KEXP.

KF: Is there any other charity that KEXP will donate to this year?

AL: We won’t be donating to another charity, though New Beginnings will be there tabling as part of our community partnership program. New Beginnings is an organization that provides services to women and children whose lives have been affected by physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.

KF: How long does it take to put together the Yule Benefit?

AL: It usually starts in August with a pre-production plan. Lots of phone calls are made to enlist bands for the benefit show. You have to plan ahead to get everything ready. I have been planning benefits and musical events several months in advance but sometimes the music scene changes and you have to make last minute changes to the schedule.

KF: How long have you been in radio?

AL: I have been in volunteering in radio on and off for 10 years and working putting shows and festivals together for at least that long. At KEXP I started as a volunteer and then I was recently put on payroll as a part time employee but I find that the work is demanding and I love it so much that it really just becomes a full time position for me that I juggle among many other outside interests.

KF: Well, thank you, Amy, for your time and I will be sure to make it to the Yule Benefit.

AL: Thanks, Ken!!! It’s good to finally meet you.

Ken Frye is a volunteer at KEXP. He helps write band reviews, tracks logs for DJ’s and writes about the daily life at the radio station. Ken will be posting a monthly blog that will feature news and information about the folks at KEXP. Plus, he will be taking a behind the scenes look at just what makes KEXP such a damn cool place to work. Don’t worry! Ken will answer everything you wanted to know about KEXP but were afraid to ask.

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