Intern(al): Inside KEXP In-Studios – Les Savy Fav 11/30/07


words by Justin Wilmore
photos by Gregory A. Perez

As you heard if you were listening Les Savy Fav is a really, really funny band. The type of humor you get jealous of because you don’t have it, and few people do. As I stood there watching this band get ready to play their songs I couldn’t help but be intimidated by the sheer intellectualness of their humor. I have heard singer Tim Harrington is known for some crazy on-stage antics. I thought he would tone it down since there was no big crowd to please. I was wrong; the few of us watching got a really good show. During their sound-check, and well into the performance, he kept nervously asking,

“Are we on-air?”

There are a lot of other little treats if you listen really closely. I’ll let you go back and really digest it all. After the brief funny interview at the beginning, they busted into Patty Lee and stayed strong all the way through “The Sweat Descends,” “Scotch,” and “Lover” During that last song Tim dashed out of the live room and stretched his mic cable all the way to the control room.

If you heard shouting and clapping at the end, that was us. Even after it was all over Tim was still asking if we were on the air. We were all laughing so hard. I hung around a bit longer to listen to Tim record some station ID’s. I can’t wait until they get aired they were really good. Some of the stuff that comes out of that guy’s mouth…



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