Review Revue: Pixies – Doolittle


I’m going to keep this week’s installment of Review Revue rather short, as I’m kind of exhausted from swabbing the flooded decks at my house (a familiar story for many out there, I’m sure). I’m in the mood for some positivity today, though, and it turns out I’m in luck. I have managed to find the one album that no one could speak ill of: Doolittle by the Pixies! Bring on the love:

“And here it is. Sounds like they’re pushing in one direction & Gil Norton (producer) is pulling in another. Sparks fly. Includes a couple of goofy tunes, especially 2-3, where the drummer sings and sounds alternately like Leonard Cohen and David Bowie.”

“It blows holes in my shorts quick as shit plus a few grams of honey. [????????]”

“A nice record for summer (warm weather).”

“The LP on which the Pixies find their voice. More spacious production relative to Albini production opens up the songs in order to suck you in and rock you straight to hell.”

“I love the Pixies.”

“Wow yes?”


“I love the Pixies, too.”

“About half this record is as incredible as Surfer Rosa. The rest is still OK. A great band. ‘Debaser’ maybe tops ‘Gigantic.'”

“I guess we all love the Pixies – yes?”

“Is this album the all-time H [heavy rotation] winner? Well deserved! Great album.” [I wonder if there’s any way to find out how long Doolittle held onto its H position . . . anyone?]

“One by one I fixate on a different song on here. They’re all so diverse and GOOD!”

It looks like there might have been one holdout at the station, but even he finally succumbed to Doolittle’s charms:

“This has finally grown on me. At first, I was gravely disappointed. A fine LP w/some intriguing (sick?) lyrics.”

Alas, the party had to end eventually:

“7/25 – this will sadden many, but these words had to be written eventually . . . time to retire from H? Sorry. It was fun.”

It was fun, wasn’t it? Thank you, Pixies!

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