DJ Jazzy Jingles Recommends: 5th Annual Yule Benefit

Dearest Elves back home, DJ Jazzy Jingles here!

You will not believe the sights we have seen in the far away land of Seattle. We have traveled a long road but the pilgrimage has been well worth it. THE YULE BENEFIT IS TOMORROW! Yes, it is a right of passage for every elf to see the bright lights of the big city that is Seattle, and participate in its finest of attractions – the Yule Benefit. And yes, the rumors of Seattle are all true. People are still wearing flannel. And it is always raining.


We got into town last night, and stopped by a local establishment for food and refreshments. I ordered my usual, Fairy Blossom Juice, but I think it had gone bad. It tasted really sour. Yuck!


But, after a few more sips, I didn’t mind the taste so much. Boy, was I thirsty:


Mix Master Mistletoe really liked it too:


The kind owners of the establishment let Mix Master Mistletoe and myself get behind the wheels of steel. Luckily, I brought all my favorite records: Elf Power, The Pixies, Elves and Sebastian, Snow Patrol, the Long Winters and the Decemberists.


Then we met some of the locals…

like Oly Elf (she introduced me to a cultural celebration called Taco Tuesdays):


and Mr. Roboto Elf (check out his moves!):


and Obscure Music Nerd Elf (you should have seen his collection of rare, white label, import-only, colored-vinyl 7 inches!):


but the strangest Elf we had ever seen was there too — Ninja Elf:


I can’t wait for you all to get here tomorrow and meet all of my new friends at KEXP’s 5th Annual Yule Benefit! I’ll teach you how to participate in the most ancient of Seattle rituals, the Mosh Pit. See you there!

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