5th Annual Yule Benefit: Meet the elves you might meet — tonight!


Hey there… it’s Indie Rock Elf again. I just wanted to remind you to get your tickets for the 5th Annual Yule Benefit. Come to the Showbox tonight, where you’ll be sure to find me and all of my friends. Here are a few more of my pals who will be attending:

Punchy the Powerpop Elf, who knows from good music:


Holly the Admin Elf, who keeps all of Mr. Claus’ appointments — well, there’s really only one, but it would suck if he missed it:


Even the mysterious Mail Elves, like Carol here, may get out for the festivities — that is, when they’re not packing up gifts like Live at KEXP Volume Three for the children:


Blink and you’ll miss Sneaky Elf — in fact, I think he’s been sneaking the holiday brew:


My buddy IDM Elf had a weird run-in the other day. Here’s what he told me:


After a little walk underneath the Alaska Way viaduct, I was confronted by very angry reindeer that smelled heavily of Egg Nog. Things quickly got out of hand (as they usually do with reindeer) and I found my self face to to face with belligerent ungulate who wanted a piece of me!

Just as he was ready to let into me with his mighty hooves, I was saved by the Rat City Roller Girls, who came out of no where and beat the Yule Tide right out of him!

Super Special Elven thanks to Drew Blood (pictured with red hair) Jojo Stilletto (pictured behind me) and Electric Fanny (with the iron fist!) all of the Socket Wenches team! This elf would have been a nightmare if she hadn’t pull his Christmas out of the fire!

So I invited them all down to the 5th Annual Yule Benefit. Come meet my saviors.

Wow, I really dig chicks with elbow pads. I can’t wait to see them.

Ok, it’s time for me to run. Just look for the elf in the red tights and buy him a drink — he earned it!


By the way, I hear the Big Guy will be there and getting his drink on — so look out, you naughty boys and girls!

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