Notes from the Internets: A Themed News Roundup

For all the worker bees out there, Thursday is one that seems stricken with a love-hate relationship. You’re over the hump and the weekend is just around the bend, but Friday’s end-of-work-day whistle ain’t a blowin’ just yet. Looks like you’ll have to put hammer-to-nail and finger-to-keyboard (or at least make it look like work) for just one more day, as you try and keep the weekend dreams alive. So, if ya can’t manage to keep the work horse focused on pullin’ that plow, here’s some news blurbs from around world wide webs to keep the hours passing and your eyes on the prize. We’ll try to keep it lively with some themed news.

R.I.P. NEWSiketurner2.jpg
Word has spread. Ike Turner’s dead, at 76. Turner, the dubious man behind the music of ex-wife Tina Turner, passed in his sleep yesterday in his San Marcos, California home. While he may be best known for his suspiciously scandalous relationship with the leggy songstress and the dent he left in the R&B/rock n’ Roll world by recording what some claim is the first true rock n’ roll recording ever (“Rocket 88″ in 1951), others like to remember him for his faithful dedication to some classic hairstyles.

Meanwhile, the grim reaper played death dealer in an different fashion. That is no one actually died. However, Brazilian funk/metal favorites, Bonde do Role announced yesterday, MC Marina Ribatski would be leaving the group and the impending tour would be canceled, all due to “internal problems.” Read more here.

One other bit from beyond the grave… Joe Strummer‘s widow has discovered a treasure much more exciting than the soon-to-be flop that is the Nicolas Cage sequal (ugh). Lucinda Mellor recently found an abundance of “scribbled notes, cartoons, and forgotten song lyrics” in the basement of the farmhouse the two lived in. Let’s hope Bobby Dylan doesn’t decide to obtain these for future recording. Contract Music has more on the Strummer discovery.

tomwaits_thumb.jpgMoving on from the somewhat disturbing news and on to news-to-look-forward-to, Tom Waits is set to perform at a benefit for a Los Angeles poverty law firm. The Bet Tzedek Legal Services event will be a rare performance for Waits, who hasn’t been seen on tour since 2006. With fingers crossed we’ll wait to see if this is a sign of touring to come. Waits’ label Anti has more details.

Wilco has announced they will play a five night stint at the hometown Riviera Theatre in February. Word is they are planning on diving into the entire recorded history of Wilco. Chicagoist provides more info here. Hopefully the fire department doesn’t show up and make everyone wait. Neil Young had to last night on the opening night of his residency in NY.

Also, if you didn’t hear, Portishead had their first full performance in years, when they played the All Tomorrow’s Parties sponsored event, Nightmare Before Christmas. Pitchfork has pictures from the night, here.

ghostland1.jpgKEXP fav Ghostland Observatory is making preparations for the release of their third full length entitled Robotique Majestique. The Austin elctro-funk duo is sticking to their guns and going with another self-release again, rather than selling out to the man. Read some insights from Thomas Turner and Aaron Behrens here.

Speaking of heavily rotated groups and their third full lengths, Hot Chip‘s Joe Goddard chatted with NME about what will be called Mad In The Dark. Here’s the full article.

Bay area DJ and producer, Amplive has put together an official remix album, piecing and parting Radiohead‘s In Rainbows. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Too Short and Zion will be featured lyricists rhyming over re-worked rainbow beats. Look to Gigwise for the full story.

On the soundtrack front, Eddie Vedder and John Legend have been slated to be in charge of music for a new Howard Zinn documentary miniseries titled “The People Speak.” Billboard has the details.

It looks like the music world will see their own strike as freelance and “permatemps” at Viacom’s MTV are preparing to stage walkouts and set up shop outside of the TRL studios in New York, in hopes of regaining health benefits. If you feel like reading more on the un-scabby antics follow this link.

The good old RIAA strikes again as they argue that ripping CD’s is “unauthorized” and punishable by law. Based around case Atlantic vs. Howell, the RIAA claims converting CD’s to MP3 format is also considered illegal. Check it.

And now for some lighthearted bits… Bloodshot has posted a hilarious video in promotion of their Holiday record sale here, Gigwise has set up a razor-less themed slideshow here, and finally KEXP’s own John Richards introduces Tullycraft here for the Seattle Channel.

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