Review Revue: U2 – War


Hey everybody . . . you know what day is coming up soon? New Year’s Day! You know what song I guarantee you’re going to hear some time that day (even if it’s just rattling around in your own brain all day)? “New Year’s Day” by U2! You know what album that song was on? War!

The theme on this album seems to be exclamation marks and arrows (and many attempts at comedy, of varying degrees of success). There are so many arrows (you can see one person’s frustrated arrow pile to the left of the ‘A’ in ‘War’) that I’m going to try to evoke at least some of them using typographical symbols. We’ll see how that works out.

“Very strong material . . . Production and/or pressing is very flat . . .”

“Most records are flat.” [Zing!]

“I love ‘Like a Song’ (the boy is kinda cute, too . . .)”

“I’m disappointed!”

“Try ‘Refugee.’ It’s pretty good.” <----"Great!"

"(1, 2) was mediocre."

"This is not an impressive LP (unfortunately/fortunately)." <-------"Yes it is!"

"'Like a Song' is good stuff, and so is 'Two Hearts Beat as One.'"

"'Two Hearts Beat as One' - FAB!!"

"The boy lives across the street from Bono, so I'm told."

"Sonny Bono?"

"Of the Plastic Bono Band?"

"Best album of the last year!"

"No . . . inventor of the Bono Fone." [I'm pretty sure that's what that says, and I'm pretty sure I have no idea what it's supposed to mean.]

"The last year?! Rats . . . I knew the apocalypse was coming, but so soon? I thought I'd be dead by then."

"Let's leave this in rotation forever!"

<------- (pointing at sore on Boy's mouth) "HERPES VIRUS"

"Chirpes? Isn't that the canaryeal disease that's untweetable?"

Wow. So, yeah. Happy new year everybody!!!! <——I agree – Happy New Year!

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