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I must admit this week’s blog post deadline completely snuck up on me. Likely due to the xmas holiday, this past week flew by. With only a week or so left in 2007, it seems that this entire year has flown. In fact, this entire decade is speeding past me at an uncomfortable rate. When I was a kid, I assumed that by 2010 we’d all be cruising around with jet packs eating space food. We better get focused in the next few years!

Since last week’s post was dedicated to looking back over 2007, I figured the logical next step was to look forward into 2008, Nostradamus-style. I’ve got big expectations for the future. So, here’s an chronological list of things I completely assume will happen in 2008:

  • Just after midnight on New Year’s Eve, Greg Collingsworth of The Small Change will burst into flames on stage at the Sunset Tavern. I can’t see the exact moment that it happens. But, if I had to guess, I would say it would be when he jumps on stage with The Tripwires to sing backing vocals on a Chuck Berry song during their encore.
  • In June the fellows of Central Services will abandon the recording process for their new record to dedicate their attention full-time to the Board of Education side project after Nickelodeon offers them a television show.
  • In the autumn, Scott Sutherland (The Doll Test, The Riffbrokers, Llama, Paul Lynde Fanclub) will be granted the Nobel Prize for his work in the obscure field of Overinvolvement.
  • Just before 2008 comes to a close, your favorite band will reunite for a one-off show. Unfortunately, it will conflict with this work thing that you have to do. You’ll be bummed. But, you’ll forget about it in a day or two, because you got to see some clips on YouTube. It looked pretty crowded anyway, and the singer wasn’t as cute as you remember.

To avoid this post being 100 percent fluff, allow me to point you to a website that has the entire Llama recorded catalog available for free download. That includes the newest record in its entirety, and it isn’t even release yet.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope all your 2008 dreams come true.

Gary Miller runs the Seattle Power Pop Blog, which focuses on all things powerpop in the Pacific Northwest. SPB features album reviews, recommended shows, videos, mp3s and more.

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