Live with Kevin: As the year and Volume 3 come to a close

Kevin Cole and Lisa Shimizu
photo by Gregory A. Perez

Another year in my Life With Kevin has come to a close. Kevin’s on vacation right now, so it’s pretty quiet in our office. I spent some time last week helping deliver Live at KEXP Volume 3 to some of the local retailers who sell it for us. We cannot begin to express how grateful we are to these retailers — not only do they sell the CD for us, but they sell it and give 100% of the proceeds back to KEXP. You buy it for $15, KEXP gets $15. How great is that?? We are tremendously grateful to them. I brought some CDs into Sonic Boom in Fremont and got to talk briefly with Nabil Ayers. Nabil not only co-owns Sonic Boom but plays drums in The Long Winters and has the coolest sideburns on the whole planet. I thanked him for selling the CD and for the incredible song that they gave us for Live at KEXP Volume 3: “Pushover.” I’ve probably heard it a hundred times in the past year, and will never, ever get tired of listening to it, especially the harmonies at the end of the song. It’s stunning and I was so happy when Kevin chose it as Track One.

So we’ve actually started working on Live at KEXP Volume 4! It’s hard to believe that we’ll have the CD in our hands in six months. John, Cheryl, Don, Kevin and I have listened to over 30 fantastic performances from this year and are in the process of choosing our favorite tracks. This week Kevin is doing the final round of listening and deciding which tracks we want to send over to Tom Hall for remixing. Then we’ll start looking for artwork, listen to the remixed tracks and begin the long process of getting permission from the bands and labels and publishers. We’ve heard some damn fine performances so far and can pretty much guarantee that it’s going to be another excellent CD. You’ll soon have a chance to be in the liner notes for Live at KEXP Volume 4 so keep your ears peeled for that.

In the meantime, head out today to get Live at KEXP Volume 3 if you haven’t already. It’s the last day you can buy it — either online at KEXP.ORG, or from Seattle retailers including Everyday Music, Cellophane Square, Sonic Boom Easy Street, Silver Platters, and at PCC Natural Markets. While you’re there, thank the retailers for their support of KEXP – we really couldn’t do this without them. Or the bands. Or you.


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