Video Roundup: Halloween in January

Ryan Adams’ true “Halloweenhead”

Christmas in July? Okay, that makes sense, especially during those hot summer months that beg for cool refreshment — unless, of course, you live in the southern hemisphere, where it actually does seem like Christmas in July, at least to all of us North-hemies… anywhoo… — or maybe it’s a growing nostalgia for the yuletide kitsch. What is it about January, though, that makes us long for Halloween? Considering this week’s Video Roundup, that’s certainly how it seems. Maybe it’s the dark winter months that bring out our darker tendencies, or maybe our brains just need a scrubbing from the holidays, but here’s a selection of new videos that would just as easily fit in on All Hallows’ Eve:

Nick Cave is just a spooky guy, and he plays that up — with a smirk — in his video promos, parts one and two, for the upcoming Bad Seeds album Dig, Lazarus, Dig. While the new video for the title track is less directly supernatural, there are definitely dark forces at work here:

The cawing crows at the beginning of Goldfrapp‘s latest video for “A&E,” the first single from the upcoming album Seventh Tree, should tip you off that, no matter how it first appears, this isn’t a Sarah Mclachlan video — there’s creepy dancing leaf people!

Speaking of creepy, there’s this video for “Elvis,” from the soon-to-be-much-more-well-known quartet from Southend-on-the-sea, These New Puritans. While the King’s hip-gyrations scared only the parents of prepubescent girls, something definitely ominous hides just under the surface of this dark video:

While Ryan Adams continues to push our understanding of the term “prolific,” the musician who continually threatens multiple albums each year has spent the past weekend making videos and in the process formed a coven in his bedroom. Here are “Black Horses OF Death” …

and “Witches Arise”:

Horrific in a different way is this video for Saul Williams‘ cover of U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” which shows us just how horrified we should be about how we treat our fellow citizens:

For most of us, though, Halloween is more about costumed fun, as in this, the latest from the Jon Spencer project Heavy Trash, called “Way Out”:

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