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This Saturday, Audioasis is excited to present Katharine Hepburn’s Voice (KHV) and Partman Parhorse hosted by Lisa Wood. First, a bit of self-disclosure. I am a member of Partman Parthorse and also an employee at KEXP. So when I was asked to write a blog entry promoting our upcoming show this Saturday on Audioasis with KHV, I didn’t feel it was right for me to start blabbing on about how awesome we are. So instead, our bands interviewed each other. Please enjoy.

Let’s get to know KHV, who playing live on KEXP at 6pm this Saturday!

Katharine Hepburn’s Voice are D.W. and Shannon Perry.

They look like this:

Photo from Myspace

They sound like this:

Out Like This (MP3)
[courtesy of The Stranger Classifieds]

Out of your extensive mailing list, how much mail do you receive back and what is the funniest/strangest you’ve gotten? [ed note. They have a real mailing list. With real mail. Like in your mailbox. Not on the internet. On paper. With stamps!]

Shannon: I just started sending random mail to people on my list, regardless of whether or not they were a KHV fan or not…I am up to 180 mailing list recipients, so I spend all of my money on postage.

The strangest mail I’ve gotten is from someone I’ve apparently met once, who lives in Redmond. I sent him an “inquiry” to ask how he got on my mailing list, and he replied with 4 handwritten pages, written from the point of view of a soldier writing to his wife. He spoke of the horrors of war and the monster that he feared he had become. It was written so perfectly in character that I thought it was awesome, and replied in character… I’m pretty sure it’s safe, though, unless there is some heavy combat going on in Redmond right now…

DW: Shannon just sent me a rock with a face drawn on it inside a little cardboard house. She named it Rox. That was pretty strange.

Do you ever do an ego search on google, and if so what is the worst and/or best thing you’ve read about yourselves?

Shannon: Yes, we’ve checked; and were very surprised about how much information there is about KHV on the internet… I mean, we didn’t even know that fish could have herpes, but apparently they can, and it’s called KHV. Koi Herpes Virus. I’m not joking. try it.

DW: Yeah, that Koi Herpes Virus thing is really…something. I’d like to state, for the record, that Shan and I haven’t made any KHV videos yet. Oh yeah, and I just found a really funny dance remix of our song, Out Like This.

What music did you listen to most in 2007, besides Partman Parthorse?

DW: The Numero Group releases. Particularly the Eccentric Soul and Cult Cargo compilations.

Shannon: DW got me into my two favorite bands for 2007: Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti and The Dirty Projectors. I also liked Beirut’s new album, Noah Georgeson, anything Paul McCartney (RAM, Wings), and I got really into Arthur & Yu’s new one, as well as Electrelane’s “No Shouts, No Calls”. I went to a lot of Coconut Coolouts and The Intelligence shows (and close to all of PMPH’s!). I just saw the Pleasureboaters (with you guys) and I think that I told the lead singer, Ricky, that they were really good “for their age”. I meant it in a good way, but it still just sounds condecending. May I hereby cancel the age part, and just say that they were really good?

Have you guys ever kissed?

DW: No.

Shannon: Of course not.

Might I introduce you to Partman Parthorse playing live on KEXP at 8pm this Saturday!

Partman Parthorse are a local 4-piece art/punk/hyphy ensemble made up of Gary Smith, Lisa Smith, Marshal Nall and Rachel Ratner.

They look like this:

by Marianne Goldin

And sound like this:

Significant Bummer (MP3)

What would Partman Parthorse’s motto be, if you had one?

RR: Got grapes?

GS: Wake up and smell the clip-clop

LS: That pretty much sums it up

[ed note: Marshal doesn’t like to use the internet, and therefore did not receive the email questions in time to answer. Luckily, he doesn’t read blogs either so he won’t know I’m making fun of him]

What is your favorite thing about Seattle?

RR: Pho! And the amazing music scene. Oh, and that people are really good drivers!

GS: Lisa, Rachel, Marshall, Craig and Lisa Mueller, Noelle VonStratton, Laura Musselman, Erik Whitaker, Jesse Flores,Troy Nelson, Maryanne Goldin, Unnatural helpers, KHV, The Lights, The Intelligence, Coconut Coolouts, Sweatbox Yoga Studio, The Funhouse.

LS: Rachel’s driving. Oh and her parking abilities are unparalleled! Pun intended. [ed note: This is an inside joke. I recently parked my car in the middle of the road thinking it was a parking lot. A common mistake. Don’t know what the big deal was or why all these cars were so upset] Other than that, I also love the rain.

Tell us a story about something funny that happened while you were at band practice.

RR: We found a mummified cat when we moved into Marshall’s basement to practice a few years ago. It haunts me to this day.

GS: Mold. Its hilarious.

LS: I’ll say, especially when Rachel wears a surgical mask and tries to drink beer [ed note: the mask is because I am allergic to mold. Not because I’m into some kind of freaky medical role-play stuff.].

Your singer, Gary, tends to be very animated. Have his crazy antics ever provoked any negative reactions from the crowd?

RR: Yes. One time Gary’s antics got us kicked out of a fine establishment in Seattle. It had something to do with a Sharpee, and things being written on their wall. Apparently people don’t like that. They literally pulled the plug on us a few songs into our set.

GS: I’ll agree with Rach. That’s the most memorable one. Not only did they pull the plug. But the sound guy actually ran down to the stage, grabbed the sharpie and started scraping it on my chest.

LS: There was also that time when Gary called a kid in the audience a “loser” for not giving him a high-five upon which the kid retaliated by screaming and jerking Gary’s mic cord from the wall. Gary just kept on singing and proceeded to rub chocolate cake all over his body leaving none for consumption [ed note: I don’t know why there was chocolate cake sitting on a table at the show. Perhaps it was that kid’s birthday?]. We got paid $2 for that show, but at least they showed their appreciation by wrapping it securely in an enveloped sealed with 50 staples.

On occasion we do get good reactions though, like fans willing to drink Gary’s dripping sweaty underpants [ed note: gross].

Listen to Audioasis this Saturday, from 6-9 PM, to hear both Katharine Hepburn’s Voice and Partman Parthorse perform live.

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