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As astute readers of Review Revue may have noticed, there is one man whose prose, knowledge and sense of humor have for many years shined through the album reviewing rabble; one man who knows how to lay it all on the line and tell you what’s what without fear. That man, ladies and gentlemen, is Riz. DJ Riz has been an institution at KCMU/KEXP for many years; like so many here, he brings a wealth of musical knowledge and a huge breadth of taste to his job, but he is also a brilliant prose stylist, as anyone who’s ever read one of his album reviews (or blog posts) or received an e-mail from him will be happy to tell you. Oftentimes, if Riz has spoken on the cover of a CD, there is no one who feels qualified to chime in after him. Riz has spoken; what more could you say?

Today we celebrate Riz, across several years and genres, just to give you all a taste of his genius. Enjoy!

Kriss Kross – Totally Krossed Out


“The pop backlash continues so the boys wear they clothes backwards. I still do after a rough night out. And so they ain’t as hard as you like they’re only in 7th grade, and have you seen the dance floor when ‘Jump’ (#15) hits it. Those are grown folks. It might be candy, but it’s hard candy. Check out 8 or play #9 right after any mack daddy wack shit. Look out for these boys and they beats. #3, 5, 8 and 9 which run together, 11, 12, and you can play 15 if you dare but you’ll get the same response as you would if you play’d Madonna.”

Mogwai – My Father My King


“That’s right one track, one song, twenty minutes — and yes you should play it — without editing or fading — at least once. Epic, indulgent, magnificent, boisterous, annoying even.”

Rufus Wainwright – Want One


“Rufus tried to pick up on a guy I was dating using his I’m a star so you should… He did this in my house… in front of me… after I made him some tea. So for the last few years I’ve resisted him mightily. He won’t remember this and figuring that 3 years is enough to forgive anything, I’ve given him another chance to prove himself as a musician and I think he’s done it. He’s a little whiny um nasally for me, but he’s got chops in spades and this deserves to be played. So there. Try tracks #1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 87, 12, 14. I still want to kick his ass but I forgive him and so should you.”

Wolf Eyes – Burned Mind


“. . . and now that’s out of the way MORE NOISE!
“As the old KCMU Station Manager Chris Knab once said about Ministry, ‘This is the sound of hundreds of radios being turned off all at once.’… and that alone insured that the young upstarts would play it any chance they got!
“As for the music, it’s got layers of noise. White noise, feedback, hollering, and if you stick with it, it will lodge itself in the craw. Outside of Larry Metro… are there any takers?
“Start with #3 (an instrumental) and then get to #4. #5 will make you clutch your chest. #9 is the Riz Long Cut. #11 & 12 are silent or pitched so only dogs can hear. 13 is the sound of the gates of perdition.”

Thank you, dear readers, and thank you, Riz!

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  1. Posted February 9, 2008 at 1:44 am | Permalink

    Riz is dope! It was cool meeting you at the Bimbos.

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