Music News: Thursday’s Things You Should Know About. Really.

Beth and Jarvis sing Temptation for charity [source]

  • Jarvis Cocker and The Gossip’s Beth Ditto teaming up to cover Heaven 17’s “Temptation”? Sounds good to us. The song is available now on iTunes, with all proceeds going to Shelter, a housing aid organization. Last year the pair performed the song as a duet at the 2007 NME Awards (see video below), and the official release has been eagerly anticipated since. “It has taken a full twelve months,” says the ever humble Cocker, “for the world to be ready for this track.” Here’s the direct link to the song on iTunes. Only 79 pence? Cough it up for charity, people!

  • Speaking of ever humble, U2 are back in the studio to record a follow up to 2004’s How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. Squeezed into the producer’s chair are the tag-team of Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois. “Bono is all charged up with a lyrical angle,” Daniel Lanois told Billboard, “and we’re going to try and break new sonic ground, and deliver a masterpiece.” Really, how could it be any less? Bono has an angle!
  • And, speaking of cover songs (as we were with Ms. Ditto and Sir Cocker, remember?) Adem fans have a dozen coming soon from their main man. The singer-songwriter’s third album, Takes, will be out in April, and is an all-covers affair. Adem doesn’t take a stab at Heaven 17 , but his cover choices are pretty inspired. Just a few of the songs he’ll interpret are Bedhead’s “Bedside Table,” Pinback’s “Loro,” Low’s “Laser Beam,” Lisa Germano’s “Slide,” and Bjork’s “Unravel.”
  • Enough with the covers; let’s move on to remixes! Feist‘s new single, “I Feel it All,” has been remixed by Britt Daniel of Spoon, among others, and you can take a listen over at The Sexy Result. Britt doesn’t only remix, though — he lets others mangle his songs for fun and profit as well, as shown by Spoon’s soon to be released Don’t You Evah EP. The title track is from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga; also included will be the song it was modeled after (“Don’t You Ever” by The Natural History), and five count ‘em five “Don’t You Evah” remixes, compliments of folks such as Ted Leo, DJ Amaze, and Matthew Dear.
  • After 13 years and 75 issues, No Depression will end its run as a print publication with the May-June issue. Visit the magazine’s website for the full letter from publishers Peter Blackstock, Kyla Fairchild and Grant Alden. It will be missed.
  • A songwriter who has often graced the pages of No Depression, the inimitable Vic Chesnutt, has recorded a version of West Side Story‘s “Somewhere” with his niece, Liz Durrett. Here it is… (Sorry, but the above item made me kinda sad.)

Vic Chesnutt with Luz Durrett – Somewhere (MP3)

  • Chesnutt’s longtime pal — they’ve toured together often — Kristin Hersh has decided to take a photo a day, using her phone’s camera, and to post it online. The project will go on all year, but you can catch up now at her photo blogspot, Kristin With An Eye. Dang, sure looks cold and snowy in Rhode Island. And c’mon, Kristin — how could anyone possibly need that many pencils?
  • The big news in Akron, Ohio, this week? The Pretenders‘ Chrissie Hynde rode a city bus on Monday to show support of a tax increase that would go toward mass transit funding. After the ride, Hynde declared that public transportation is “what makes a city a city.” Not to nitpick here, but if Hynde is such a strong proponent of public transportation, and of taking the bus, why does it make a splash in the news the one time she actually does it? Hmm. Something tells me she doesn’t spring for the monthly pass.
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