A Night in the Life with John in the Morning, Day 1

As it nears the 2nd Annual John in the Morning at Night Birthday Bash (Friday, March 7th at Neumo’s), we thought we’d follow John to find out what John in the Morning really does on a typical night after being on the air all morning and at KEXP all day.

Day 1:

BUSTED! We caught John watching American Idol and eating Cheesy Poofs. Which 70’s cover did he like best? Carly Simon or Olivia Newton John?

John: “Dang that girl got pipes! Simon! Paula! Randy! No! You’re all so MEAN!”
John: “Man, they ripped her to shreds! I thought that girl had a chance!”

After a disappointing episode of American Idol, John decided to work on his DJ skillz:

John: “Hmmmm, maybe a mashup with Billy Joel and Hall ‘n Oats… yeah, baby, that’s what I’m talking about!”

After a few mashups (Hall and Oates w/ NWA, Hall and Oates w/ Sly Fox, Hall and Oates w/Justin Timberlake… mmm… Hall and Oates…), John remembered that what he really wanted to do was practice a few jazz standards on the keys:

John: “Auditions for noon gigs at Tula’s are next week! I should cut this DJ business and practice my solo for ‘Girl from Ipanema!'”

Somewhere you’ll definitely find John in the Morning is at the 2nd Annual John in the Morning at Night Birthday Bash on Friday, March 7th at Neumo’s with The Duke Spirit, The Voom Blooms, and Tulsa.

Look for more days in the life with John in the Morning at Night right here on the KEXP blog!

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