Behind the Curtain with Ken Frye: 2008 Spring Membership Drive


Today, Ken Frye visits KEXP and takes a behind scenes look at the 2008 Spring Membership Drive. Within the heart of KEXP there exists an office room where many of the KEXP volunteers are helping to answer the phones and take pledges from listeners like you. The innovative music programming you hear everyday on KEXP public radio, at 90.3 FM and KEXP.ORG, is possible because of the support from listeners around the world. This station would not be possible without this support. Ken Frye who has been working at KEXP since 1991 writing music reviews and blog posts and logging for the DJ’s. Today, Ken is visiting with other volunteers who are taking listeners calls. Let’s take a listen to what’s happening within the heart of KEXP.

Ken Frye: Tell me what you all are doing today?

Amy Bryan: My name is Amy and I am a volunteer here. I’m actually expecting a baby a week from Friday. So, I am actually wasting time and supporting the station.

Ken: When did you start volunteering?

Amy: I think I started volunteering here when I moved to Seattle. So, almost 8 years ago. In 2004, I lived in London and we listened to KEXP online.

Ken: The best radio station on the planet!

Linnet Blumenthal: I am here volunteering because I love this station. I started listening when I first moved here about 10 years ago when I moved here from Arizona. There was no good radio in Arizona at all. I’m sure there still isn’t. This was the best find in Seattle.

Mike Henderlight: This is actually the first time I have come down here to help at the pledge drive. My first time!

Ken: Why do you support it?

Mike: It’s the only radio station that matters. I have lived other places and no matter where I have been there is nothing close to KEXP.


Ken: When did you find KEXP?

Mike: I also started listening about 10 years ago.

Ken: What kinds of questions do you ask listeners when they call into the station to make a pledge?

Linnet: Well, when they answer what’s nice is they give us the pledge that they can give. Depending on how much there going to pledge we ask if they want to do installment plans. Doing installment plans is one of the best things in the world because it gives support over longer periods of time. We ask them questions like, “Have you pledged at the station before? Do you listen online or on the radio? Do you have a message you want to pass on to the DJ’s?” If you pledge a certain amount then you can receive a KEXP gift which is really cool. But you can pledge without getting a gift and it’s nice because the process for making pledges is very easy and its fun to talk with other supporters of KEXP. Sometimes we talk about bands and what kinds of musicians are exciting right now.

Ken: What makes this the best station?

Amy: Well, what I like most about this station is all of the variety music that they play. I like that I don’t have to hear the same song twice on the same day and they say and its true that commercial stations play like 7 songs over and over again. So, because of that I haven’t listened to another radio station except maybe NPR.

Ken: Well, thank you so much for volunteering and helping out the station today! Now, I am going to try out those amazing donuts they have over there in the break room!!!!

Linnet: Thank you so much!

Amy: Thank you, Ken.

Mike: Thanks!

Ken: Make the pledge today and become a member of the greatest radio station on earth!!!!

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