A Day in the Life with John in the Morning: The final countdown!

In preparation for the John in the Morning at Night show this Friday, John practiced his chops with British Sea Power during their in studio performance at KEXP. He’s secretly hoping that The Duke Spirit will let him play keys on at least one song. After all, he’s been practicing.


John: “If I just stand right here and don’t move…I might blend in with the band…”

Later, John headed out to the gym — you know, being a morning DJ for KEXP requires a great deal of mental and physical dexterity. One must be able to pour oneself a perfect cup of coffee while nearly completely asleep and be able to leap from My Bloody Valentine to Super Furry Animals in a single bound.

John dedicates 10 hours a week to physical training in order to make sure that his body and mind are up to the task. However, there is no time to do this in the morning. So John takes advantage of 24 Fitnesses’ convenient 24 hour policy.


John: “Does this bike make my arms look bigger?”

Every night around 1:00 am he checks into the gym, says hi to Eric, the kindly late night attendant, and heads straight to the cardio machines. A good 40 minute aerobic routine, executed 5 times a week can eliminate unsightly body fat, strengthen the skeletal system and promote the production of high density lipoprotein (HDL), also known as the “good” cholesterol. It can also help you find a way to seamlessly work Morphine and the Rolling Stones into the same set.

Finally, it’s the big day for John in the Morning! After a long workout at the gym at 1am, John then moved on to his hair appointment to get ready for the John in the Morning at Night Birthday Bash! Lucky for him, his hair salon is willing to take his appointment at 3:45am. He has to be to the station for his show by 5am.


John: “Maybe I’ll try some blonde highlights this time around. Back in the KCMU days, I rocked the bleach blonde look*! It might be time for a comeback!”


John: “Hair emergency! Hair emergency! No blonde! No blonde! Back to the shampoo bowl… take two… it must be PERFECT for tonight!”

* Yes, we have pictures, and yes, we will show them to you… eventually. We want to make sure we can get into the party tonight first!

You should come on down too — join John, his highlights, and the rest of the KEXP crew at the John in the Morning at Night show at Neumo‚Äôs tonight! Enjoy The Duke Spirit, The Voom Blooms, and Tulsa, knowing that John put the very most into his personal grooming. Get your tickets now or just come on down (925 E. Pike St, Seattle)!

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