Review Revue: Deep Six

Welcome to another installment of Review Revue, where we take you behind the scenes of an independent/college radio station and show you the intense discussion that often went on on the album and CD covers of yore.



We’re continuing from last week’s Seattle rock history lesson with today’s installment, which is definitely the most typing I’ve done for this particular series, and perhaps the most commented-upon record in the entire KEXP collection. I’ve realized in doing this that often the place to go if you really want to see people having at each other is the local section, where differing musical tastes and personal alliances can intermingle to create some serious friction. Today’s example is the historic Deep Six compilation, featuring The Melvins, Soundgarden, Skin Yard, Green River, and other forefathers of — for lack of a better word — grunge. The very first release on C/Z Records, Deep Six came out a short time before that other landmark of NW rock, the Sub Pop 100 (Sub Pop Records’ first release). I’m pretty sure everyone involved knew they were on to something good, but they probably had no idea what they were starting (although some of the comments below prove pretty prophetic). This is a long one, so let’s get into it!

“Know it, love it. Despite any ‘personal involvement’ & prejudices that might occur with such an ‘involvement,’ this is the best Seattle comp ever.”

“Ya. It even has Lynyrd Skynyrd on it. Wow!”

[Parts of this label are missing.] “I think these are actually very mediocre representations of . . . Seattle . . . Bad mixes. I like the Malfunkshun song (1.3) a lot. (But it’s cool, I’m not denying that I love Soundgarden.)”

“A true testament to local greatness. Whatever you think of the sound, mixes, etc. . . . It’s all academic. These grooves breathe! These bands kill! Deep Six kicks!”


“I don’t think the production is poop.”

“What?! No Treeclimbers?”


“Mark – All I want to know is: why are you so defensive? [scribbled out] What exactly is being threatened?”

“Abby – You tell me what’s being threatened since you pulled off my original comment.”

“Pretty tacky, Abby.”

“This could go on forever and probably will.”

“Overlooking good songs, because of other stuff.”

“Mark, it’s OK – I still love you. don’t be so goddam defensive. Money ≠ good production, nor does its lack mean bad production. I stand by my first comment.”

“I have more important things to worry about than the production on some Seattle compilation like remember to tie my shoes or brushing my teeth or washing under my arms. Um, also this LP has more energy than any LP I’ve heard in a while. I’m going to get my copy. Lotsa life here.”

“Green green green green green River + beyond!! Like new year’s at an old club or something.”

“Instant comments”

“Why is everyone so hung up on the production? I mean it’s GREEN RIVER. Just that fact should make you happy!”


“See B.D. comment.”

“Oh, I dunno. I don’t care for most of this, but I do know a good song is a good song, regardless of its production.”

“Maybe we should consider debating these issues face to face, in person (i.e. talking vs. writing)” [Good thing no one jumped on that, or the Internet might never have been invented. Whats the point of talking in person when you can write words at each other without ever engaging?]

“I like most of this record, but I really think this space needs to be filled up.”

“We all [heart] you!! Gush, Gush!!”

“P.S. Do not seek explanation.”

“But shit, people, aren’t the U-Men becoming a bit of a cliche?”

“P.S. Overstated.”


“The country or the movie?” [My question exactly.]


“OK, Boys! Who’s the biggest? – You know who [drawing of a yardstick]”

“Look out folks, there’s a band out of Ottawa calling itself Deep Six w/vinyl out similar to this . . .”


“Gee whiz, I wonder what the cover looks like?” [Yeah, me too. Oh, here we go.]

“Summarize please, I haven’t got all goddamn day to read this sonofabitch.” [Ah yes, writing a comment just to point out the fact that there are too many comments! This is, perhaps, where the Deep Six discussion jumps the proverbial shark.]

“My fish have little white spots on their noses, does anyone know what I should do?”

“Throw ‘em in Lake St. Clair.”

“And I thought just those industrial albums generated a loot [sic] of controversy. If this was from the east coast we’d be doing handsprings. If this gets some of these bands national recognition [nahhhhhh] more power to ‘em. Good luck.”

“Eat at P-J’s”

“People in other cities are gonna be jealous of us.” [So true, so true . . .]

“Come on Abby! Scratch his eyes out!!!”

“How come Jon [redacted] never signs his name? ‘Fraid o’ Abby? Hah!”

“How come I can’t see the cover anymore?? You guys write too much.” [Yes, this person actually added a label so he could finish his sentence about how he couldn’t see the cover anymore. Amazing.]

“COME ON!!!”

“If these bands were from Boston, would we care? I think not, certainly not to this extent. C’mon, quit this goddamn infighting! It’s moot! I’m serious about this! (Not a comment on the bands’ musical abilities as our reactions to them.”

“I know: Try the Hank Williams 2LP set in L. That record rips, shreds, cranks, kicks ass and flat-out strangles half the junk in this library!”

“Just like the Damned.”

Wow, I thought there was actually a portion of this record that someone hadn’t stuck a label on, but it seems that the label just fell of. This has to be the most-stickered record in the KEXP library. Anyway, the missing label continues (at a 90 degree angle to all the rest of the writing) . . .

“Greenlake . . . and a tray of . . . You walk in . . . a maze with a . . . one door, the door . . . it was fun.”

“I refuse to add to the multitude of comments already present.” [Ah, irony . . .]

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