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  • The Museum of Modern Arthur is on the rise! As if Brooklyn wasn’t happening enough, Joseph Arthur has opened his own art museum. It’s even got a mission statement to let us know that not only will MOMAR broaden the parameters of the fine art world, but the museum “can, and will, party.” This last item alone might help MOMAR overtake MOMA on the tourist bus route. The location is meant to serve as both a gallery and a performance space; unfortunately, the phone number on their site is no longer in service, so our attempts to let them know KEXP can now be heard in NYC at 91.5 on the FM dial were unsuccessful. If anyone is in DUMBO, could they pop over to 25 Jay Street and let ‘em know? On the musical front, Joseph and the Lonely Astronauts have released Could We Survive, the first of four EPs planned for 2008. If you missed JA’s “Morning Cup”, our Podcast Song of the Day this past Monday, grab it here. And thanks to KEXP Blog reader Sam for this tip (and you thought we don’t read the comments!):

Joseph Arthur – Morning Cup (Live at Fez 2008)

  • Smashing Pumpkins, one of many bands who’ve decided to release their own music rather than work with a record label, still do have one tie with former label Virgin — the band is suing them over use of their music in a Pepsi commercial. Smashing Pumpkins have filed a breach of contract suit, saying the Pepsi commercial has “irreparably harmed the group, their reputation, and goodwill with their fans.” (uh, didn’t Blinking With Fists already take care of that?) The Pumpkins plan to release future work themselves via their website, according to drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, the only canned Pumpkin Billy Corgan has re-hired to date.
  • Thanks to The Tripwire for hosting the new MGMT video, in gloriously retro 3-D! As if that wasn’t enough, they even include a link on how to make your own 3-D glasses to maximize the effect. Disclaimer: if you’re one of those people who watches videos on your mega-iPod while driving, this might be one to watch at home. Even if you manage to avoid hitting helpless pedestrians, you’re gonna look pretty stupid in those things (or incredibly hip, depending on your neighborhood.)
  • Want to check out the new R.E.M. album Accelerate in its entirety before plunking down your dollars for it? The band is streaming it now over at iLike. You can also watch video of Michael Stipe talking about the making of the album, which hits shops on April 1st.
  • Okay, so it’s the news everyone’s blogging about, but it’s just too good to pass up mentioning. Dr. Pepper will give a free can of… well, Dr. Pepper to “everyone in America,” (take that, Europe!) if Guns ‘n’ Roses release Chinese Democracy before the end of the year. Tighten up those border controls, cadets — those twelve-ounce cans of chemical heaven are increasingly hard to come by.
  • KEXP listeners (especially Swingin’ Doors fans) are well acquainted with the plaintive beauty that is the songs of Laura Cantrell. Her upcoming release Trains and Boats and Planes comes out on tax day, and is an all-covers affair. Sitting right next to the likes of Merle Haggard is a cover of New Order’s”Love Vigilantes”. Unlikely bedfellows? Stereogum has the full tracklist; you can decide for yourself if this bit of High Plains Mancunia hits the mark.

Laura Cantrell – Love Vigilantes (MP3)

  • Newly minted holiday “Record Store Day” is April 19th. Vampire Weekend are doing their bit by putting out a 7” single of “A-Punk”, a song they’ve… uh… already released on their wildly popular and much downloaded debut album! The flip side? A version of the same album’s “Oxford Comma”, recorded during a rehearsal. Kudos for participating, but wouldn’t it be more beneficial if it was, you know, an unreleased song? You must have at least one, right? Among other bands offering support of this holiday are the mighty Flaming Lips. Says lead Lip Wayne Coyne” “The ‘cool’ record store is where you can talk to people who are like you. They look like you, and think like you.” If anyone knows where this record store full of Wayne Coyne clones is actually located, please let us know, because it’s our new favorite store in the whole world.
  • From the Death Cab news ticker… Ben Gibbard plays “Cath”; this new DCFC song is given the acoustic treatment live on the BBC. Thanks to Hard to Find A Friend for the tip.
  • While we’re on the subject of free downloads, how about some live Foals? The band is offering up two free live tracks for download from their website. All you have to do is enter your email and they send you the link. They also ask for your phone number and postcode (hello, marketing department!), but here’s a tip — just make one up. It still works fine.
  • Everyone loves this newfangled Guitar Hero game, apparently. Now when those pesky kids take a break from riffing out those white hot ingots of majestic metal shreddery, there’s something for the older folks too. The “Aerosmith” edition will be in your favorite mega-chain soon, and a Beatles edition is in the negotiating stage. What do the surviving Beatles think about this? It’s a non-issue; Sony/ATV Music Publishing owns the songs and can do whatever they damn well please with them. Valuable lesson for all you budding indie rockers out there: keep your publishing! Otherwise you might find your song on a Pepsi commercial and have to go all Billy Corgan on their collective corporate ass.
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