Thursday’s Music News You Should Know About. Really.


  • Radiohead, we’ll give you this: you rascals know a little something about revenue collection under the “fan interaction” banner! The new single from In Rainbows, “Nude”, is now available for remix by fans; the band’s website is hosting the remixes, and visitors can listen as well as vote for a favorite. Five individual tracks from the original mix (bass, voice, guitar, strings/effects and drums) can each be purchased separately (ouch!) from iTunes Plus. After you buy all five, you’ll get an access code that allows you to remix the song using the popular GarageBand or Logic audio programs. is where the remixes sit, and visitors have until May 1st to listen and vote. Hey, look who’s jumped out to an early lead — it’s KEXP faves Holy Fuck!

Radiohead – Nude (Holy Fuck remix) (MP3)

  • Speaking of KEXP favorites, Nada Surf has a live performance up over at MySpace Transmissions. The band performed several songs live for MySpace, and the videos of each (along with band member interviews) are available now. MySpacers can be add and share the videos; the seven song live set is also available as a download over at — of course — iTunes. Want a Nada Surf four song acoustic session and interview as a (free) download? Sign up for the KEXP’s weekly Live Performances Podcast; Nada Surf stopped by to play a great set in January, and it’s one of the many live performances you can grab and download for listening to on your ‘Pod.
  • Fifteen years after its initial release, Liz Phair‘s Exile in Guyville will be reissued in June on ATO Records, the label co-founded by Dave Matthews. Why on earth Liz would want to return to the scene of Guyville after her artistic triumphs of these past few years is beyond us, but apparently it’s true. The reissue will include four bonus tracks from the original Guyville sessions and a bonus DVD disc. The DVD is a “making-of Guyville” documentary, with Liz herself interviewing folks that were involved in the Chicago indie scene at the time. Her interviewees include Ira Glass, John Cusack, Steve Albini, Guyville producer Brad Wood, members of Urge Overkill and many more.
  • Klaus Dinger, who co-founded NEU! after serving as the drummer of Kraftwerk, died on March 21 at the age of 61, although no announcement was made until this week. News reports indicate heart failure as the likely cause of death. His drumming style helped define the “Krautrock” sound, and was widely imitated by… well, a lot of people in your record collection. Brian Eno: “There were three great beats in the 70’s. Fela Kuti’s Afrobeat, James Brown’s funk, and Klaus Dinger’s Neu! beat.”

NEU! perform “Hero”, live in 1974

  • Elvis Costello will be hosting his own show on the Sundance Channel, titled “Spectacle: Elvis Costello With…”. There will be 13 episodes, each an hour long. If you miss them the first time around, don’t worry; if Elvis’ track record is any indication, they’ll soon be on DVD; that DVD will then be reissued four to six times within the next decade, each time with just a little bit more bonus material.
  • A Bad Brains 7″ box set? Count us in! Out this week is the limited edition Build A Nation box; included are three 7″ colored vinyl singles (red, green and yellow, of course), a 7″ picture disc, and a poster. The Bad Brains mix of hardcore punk and reggae was unique at the time of their first releases in the early 80’s, and they continue to rock it today, both together and solo. In fact, singer/frontman H.R. will be in town this Sunday for a show at — fittingly — Seattle’s longest running punk club, The Funhouse.
  • Three Be Your Own Pet songs were removed at the last minute from the U.S. version of the band’s brand new Get Awkward CD, on the Ecstatic Peace label. The reason, according to distributor Universal Records, who made the move? “Too violent.” The offending songs (“Blow Yr Mind”, “Black Hole”, and “Becky”) do all appear on the international version, which is on the XL Recordings label. As more than a few folks have pointed out, the Universal Music Group releases records by 50 Cent, Marilyn Manson and Eminem; this isn’t Disney we’re talking about here, making the move that much more unexpected. BYOP singer Jemina Pearl told New York University’s Washington Square News that “when I found out, I was just, like, ‘Is there anybody I can talk to?’ It’s, like, I don’t even really know who these people are.” Uh, sure you do, Jemina. They’re the ones who write the checks, so they call the shots. (“Black Hole” is still streaming on the band’s MySpace page, and “Black Hole” and “Becky” are both streaming on the Be Your Own Pet website. As long no one tells Universal about it, you can still listen to them. Go forth and be offended!)
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