Three Imaginary Girls celebrate Free Electricity with The Cops tonight!

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Every week in this space I say that there’s a lot going on in, and I’m always writing that because it’s always true. There’s great live music being played in Seattle every night of the week. Of course, this week is, once again, no exception.

The Cops with the Girls and Caves at Chop Suey on Friday, February 4

If you’ve been following The Stranger’s reporting as of late, Chop Suey got a visit from the cops (small ‘c’) monitoring noise levels last week.

This Friday night the Capitol Hill club will be receiving a visit from the Cops (uppercase ‘c’) and, well, the volume will also be a concern. The Cops make pure rock and roll the way it should be: loud, fast, and unpretentious.

Their 2007 album, Free Electricity was one of my favorite Northwest albums last year. In my review of it for TIG, I wrote:

Free Electricity celebrates everything I hold dear in rock and roll: dual-part, jerky guitars riffs layered upon a hard-hitting drum beat with a bassist who is not left many openings yet somehow finds them and drives the tempo by weaving in and out of the ones he’s given, and then add on a singer with a powerful voice and enough range to fit the dark mood of each song. Free Electricity rocks with an urgency not commonly found in indie rock today. In fact, it’s hardly fair to call the Cops an indie rock band (with all due respect, the Arcade Fire doesn’t rock this hard and neither does Wilco). I prefer to say the Cops are a classic rock band that hasn’t become classic — yet.

Following this show, the Cops will begin a US tour that will take them across the country. Following that, according to an e-mail sent out by the band, they will begin work on their next record, and don’t plan on playing any more club shows in Seattle until sometime in the fall.

This show also doubles as a birthday party for Chop Suey booker Pete Greenberg, who is a friend of music in Seattle in general and of mine in particular.

When I told all of this to a friend, she said, “I think you’re saying is that attendance at this show is basically mandatory.”

I think that is exactly what I mean.

Monday, April 8: David Karsten Daniels with PWRFL Power at Nectar
Daniels, a singer/songwriter and recent Seattle transplant, begins a month-long, Monday night, residency at Nectar in advance of his latest album, Fear of Flying, which is scheduled for release on April 28.

While I’ve enjoyed what I’ve heard streamed from the record off of Daniels’ MySpace page, the draw here for this residency should lie in the opening acts. Securing some of the best and worst kept secrets in town, this promises to be a compelling draw each week.

Up first is local favorite PWRFL Power, who has been one of the most unique and interesting performers over the past year. His shows are always compelling and often defy description.

Coming up in later weeks are Grand Hallway, The Moondoggies and Nina Nastasia. Best of all: all of these shows are free.

See you out and about,
Chris Burlingame
*Three Imaginary Girls*

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