Review Revue: Green River – Dry as a Bone EP


I know we’ve already done a couple landmark Seattle releases here on Review Revue recently, and we’ve even covered the early Sub Pop catalog a bit. But here’s the thing: Sub Pop Records is observing their 20th birthday all year this year. Part of the fun will (allegedly) be a huge event in Marymoor Park this summer, including the (hypothetical) reunion of the band that kicked it all off: Green River! That’s right, rumors are swirling that the band whose Dry as a Bone EP was the very first Sub Pop (non-compilation) release will be back to celebrate — probably along with many of the other Sub Pop acts that we all know and love. Anyway, speculation and rumors will continue to swirl until the Sub Pop powers that be tell us something official, but I would block off the whole month of July just to be safe.

In the meantime, let’s take a trip back in time to KCMU, 1987. (OK, this is the thing I’m confused about: if this year is Sub Pop’s 20th anniversary, how come their first release was in 1987? Did they just forget to celebrate last year, and they’re hoping nobody notices?) Brand new label Sub Pop has released the new EP from local heroes Green River. As always, opinions are strong and divided:

“*Basking* Boy music from these local guys (who claim to be friends of KCMU’s Steph). Much better production than last effort.”

“I honestly still think they suck. Period.”

“Does a fairly decent job of capturing their live sound.”

“Way way way better than the first.”

“OK OK I’m biased – but I think it rocks!” [Maybe this is the aforementioned “Steph”?]

“Good golly.”

“All I know is: No band in town can touch the energy they tapped during their record release party! Kill City.”

“Hot damn.”

“I even like this, OK.”

“Gees, what can I say that hasn’t been said? [lightbulb] Nice packaging!”

“I like it too. Each time I wonder if I’m gonna and I do!”

“Really quite good, heavy, well-produced stuff. Seems to get a lot of requests. I like it.”

“Tim: The photo on the label is from Russ Meyer’s Faster Pussycat Kill Kill film. Dig that chest!”

“Opens my eyes.”


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    Soon to be reunited Green River?

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