Review Revue: Polvo – Cor-Crane Secret


As long as we’re talking about exciting band reunions (and yes, it’s official: Green River is reuniting for Sub Pop’s 20th anniversary festivities!), how about Polvo? This influential Chapel Hill band (you know how that new band you just discovered has this crazy, distinctive sound that’s never been done before? It probably has, and it was probably by Polvo) has recently announced they’ll be getting back together after 10 years. They’ll be starting it all off with a reunion gig at All Tomorrow’s Parties in May and, it appears, moving on to some regular old club shows (including, if their MySpace blog is to be believed, some West Coast dates!).

Sure, they’re legends now, but how did our friends at KCMU react when Cor-Crane Secret, their debut album (on the relatively new Merge Records) showed up in their mail? Opinion was mixed — and there was enough of it to obscure the band name and album title — but everyone seemed to have a different idea of who else these guys sounded like:

“Decent enough effort, but it doesn’t really satisfy. It might grow on you. I guess it’s what Sonic Youth would sound like if they were from Chapel Hill.”

“Oh Todd, you have so much to learn! (Joshing, of course!) I hear major Volcano Suns & Husker Du influence here. Polvo also reminds me of Pavement in their laid-back approach – they let the music creep up + grab you instead of forcing it on you. You’ll find something other than your average alt. rock instrumentation — these guys make lots of cool sounds. 1.) good long instrumental intro 2.) quirky 3.) spaghetti-western themes 4.) Superchunky [as in “reminiscent of Superchunk,” not “incredibly chunky”] 7.) great 8.) supreme 9.) creepy 10.) slowish.”

“I hear Sonic Youth too — muffled Thurstonian vocals.” [Nice. “Thurstonian” is my new favorite word!]

“A Bitch Magnet/Codeine/Seam kinda thang. Vocals aren’t nothin’ too spectacular [As the DJs would soon learn, 90s indie rock was really not a territory for people looking for spectacular vocals], but the geetars are neat [come to think of it, that whole sentence is possibly the best definition of indie rock I’ve ever read]. Check out their 2 7″s, too!”

“Yes, 7 is great — any band that writes about TV is laid-back, indeed.”

Hmm, I don’t know about that. Was Black Flag really laid-back? Anyway, keep your fingers crossed for Polvo in Seattle in 2008!

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  1. Posted April 17, 2008 at 2:50 pm | Permalink

    Chapel Hill makes me think of Guadalcanal Diary. Wait, they’re from Atlanta / Athens. It still makes me think of Guadalcanal Diary though.

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