Review Revue: The Replacements – Tim

As you might have heard if you’ve been listening to our resident Minneapolitan (a.k.a. Mr. Kevin Cole) at all lately, the original Twin/Tone releases by Twin Cities heroes The Replacements were just reissued by Rhino with all sorts of bonuses, to much joy and celebration.

Of course the early indie albums, in all their ragged, sloppy glory, are considered by one and all to be classics, but what about after they made the jump to the majors? After three solid full-lengths and an EP with Twin/Tone, the ‘Mats released the unassumingly-titled Tim on Sire Records. While they did clean and tighten up their sound a bit for their debut on a major, the consensus — even back then at KCMU, for the most part — seems to be that this was yet another in a long line of essential Replacements albums.

“Oh gosh, why not?”

“Alex is there.”

“Yay! This is so fun. These guys are one of my all time faves.”

“Shit, remember the first A&M Dream Syndicate LP? It seems the signing to a major label is the kiss of death. The only decent song is “dose of thunder” and it was co-written by Tommy. “Left of the Dial” is a song about a female DJ at WUOG, 90.5, in Athens, GA. Lacks all real spontanaeity! (-5 for spelling)”

“Aw, yer all wet!”

“Special thanx to Alex Chilton… read back. [The back reads “Special Thanks to Alex Chilton for studio assistance and backing vocals on ‘Left of the Dial.'” The ‘Mats would, of course, go on to further pay tribute to Mr. Chilton with the song “Alex Chilton” on 1987’s Pleased to Meet Me.] Do you think this should be in H?”

“Yes! Replacements prove major label ≠ sell out! Pure coooool!”


“Just okay maybe.”

“By the way, I read that Tommy Stinson is only 17. Is this true?”

“Yes he is.”

“Naw, he’s at least 18, but I heard he was 12 when the band formed.”

“He’s 18, and 13 when the band was formed.” [He had actually just turned 19 when this record was received by KCMU. Depending on how you date the start of the band, 12 or 13 could be right.]

“And I want to have his children.”

“Wouldn’t they be your children too?”

“The live show was so loud, my kids will be born deaf — Great!”

“Were you there? ‘Hospital!’ I know I was…”

“Nice title. –Tim”

“What a great title for an album. –Tim” [This might be the first and only example of double-posting in the pre-Internet age.]

“You said that already.”


“Music of the gods.”

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  1. Posted May 2, 2008 at 3:34 pm | Permalink

    I am giving up all pretense to credibility when I say this, but “Tim” is my favorite Replacements album, even beating out “Let It Be.” It seems the life lived between those two records is like seventeen turning on twenty-one — that sad, lonely, angry, and terrifying.

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